Swelling of the muscles

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MALIGNANT HELLO - (Oedema malignum), gas edema, acutetoxicoinfection, characterized by inflammatory edema with the formation of gases, necrosis of affected tissues and intoxication of the body. 3. About. in the form of sporadic. cases are registered everywhere ... ... Veterinary Encyclopedic Dictionary

MUSCLES - MUSCLE. I. Histology. Generalorfodogically the tissue of the contractile substance is characterized by the presence of differentiation in the protoplasm of its specific elements. fibrillar structure; The latter are spatially oriented in the direction of their contraction and ... ... Great Medical Encyclopedia

Muscles surrounding the fissure - 1. Muscle wrinkling eyebrow, m. corrugator supercilii, originates from the frontal bone located above the teardrop, directed upward along the brow and attached to the skin of the eyebrows. Here, muscle bundles are intertwined with muscle bundles ... ... Atlas of human anatomy

HUMAN MUSCLES - «80 №№ The name is Latin and Russian. Synonyms. Forsch, and the position of the Onset and Attachment Innervation and attitude to the set of Thyreo epiglotticus setents (thyroid-like epiglottin M.). Syn. thyreo epiglotticus inferior, s. major, thyreo membranosus ... The Great Medical Encyclopedia

Muscles of the foot - subdivided into a group of muscles of the rearthe surface of the foot, which are mostly extensors, and the group of muscles of the plantar surface of the foot, consisting of flexors. Muscles of the dorsal surfaceMysplant of the plantar surface * * * Look ... ... Atlas of human anatomy

Muscles of lower limbs - are divided into the muscles of the pelvic girdle, hamstrings, leg muscles and foot muscles. Contents 1 Muscles of the pelvic girdle 1.1 Front group ... Wikipedia

Muscles of forearm - are divided into the back and front groups, in eachfrom which the surface and deep layers are isolated. Front group Back group * * * See also: Muscles of upper limbs Muscles of humerus Muscles of free part of upper limb Muscles of shoulder ... Atlas of human anatomy

Muscles of the upper limbs - provide freedom and great diversitymovements of the hand. Muscles of the upper limb are divided into the following groups: 1) muscles of the shoulder girdle; 2) the muscles of the free upper limb of the shoulder, forearm, and hand. Contents 1 Muscular brachii ... ... Wikipedia

Muscles of a brush - are located mainly on the palmarthe surface of the hand and are divided into a lateral group (muscles of the thumb), the medial group (the muscles of the little finger) and the middle group. On the dorsal surface of the brush are dorsal (dorsal) interosseous ... Atlas of human anatomy

Muscles surrounding the mouth - The muscles surrounding the mouth slit are divided into twogroup. One group is represented by the circular muscle of the mouth, m. orbicularis oris, the contraction of which narrows the mouth of the mouth. The other group includes muscles that are located radially in relation to the oral ... ... Atlas of human anatomy

Muscles of the lateral wall of the abdomen - represent the broad abdominal muscles andare arranged in three layers. The outer oblique muscle of the abdomen (m. Obliquus externus abdominis) (Figures 90, 101, 102, 104, 106, 110, 133) forms the surface layer of the lateral wall of the abdomen. With a two-sided ... ... Atlas of human anatomy

  • Muscles. Anatomy. Movement. Testing. Valerius Klaus-Peter, Frank Astrid, Colster Bernard K. This book, prepared by a group of German specialists working in the field of rehabilitation, became a bestseller in the West, withstood 5 editions. It is a reference book for the muscles ... Read more Buy for 2141 руб
  • Muscles. Anatomy. Movement. Testing. Anna Frank, Klaus-Peter Valerius, V.K. Cobster, C. Hamilton, E.A. Lafont. This book, prepared by a group of German specialists working in the field of rehabilitation, became a bestseller in the West, withstanding 5 editions. It is a reference book for the muscles ... Read more Buy for 1838 руб
  • Healthy Vessels, or Why Should a Man Have Muscles? Headaches, or Why should a man's shoulders ?. Sergey Bubnovsky. A new book by the famous Russian physician Sergei Mikhailovich Bubnovsky is devoted to the treatment of vascular diseases and related problems of the heart and brain (hypertension, thrombophlebitis, ... More info Buy for 283.7 rub
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