Swelling of the lower abdomen on the left after the load

The main cause of malaise in the field of the press is the physiological processes in the tissues during training. Why does the abdominal press hurt, read further in the article.

Why can the press and abdominal muscles hurt during exercise?

The muscles of the press are unwell due to two reasons- defects in muscle tissue and the production of lactic acid, which does not have time to disintegrate to carbon dioxide due to lack of oxygen. Lactic acid begins to accumulate in the muscle tissue, causing pain, as soon as the amount of exercise becomes more than usual (at the beginning of sports or a sharp increase in the load on a certain group of muscles).

The second cause of pain is microtrauma or defectssome components of muscle tissue. Usually, this pain in the belly press appears on the morning after training. Do not be afraid of microtraumas of muscle fibers, as the latter are gradually restored and even increase in size - there appear "cubes" of the abdominal press.

Is it dangerous if the press hurts during training?

The most unsafe type of pain that can beto feel in the muscles is a throbbing pain. If the press began to ache, nedomogat quickly, and the pain of shooting and acute nature, perhaps this is the result of injury. This means that the muscle fibers did not have time to recover after receiving microtraumas before increasing the load. Due to overload of muscle tissue during training, he often bruises and bruises on his stomach.

The symptom at which to refer todoctor, is hernial protuberance. Painful sensations appear when the hernia is infringed, as the front loom of the abdomen is weakened, and the increased pressure inside the stomach causes jamming and loss of internal organs. Therefore, in order to avoid the consequences (tissue death), you should immediately seek help from experienced professionals.

How to ease the pain when doing sports and training?

And a few tips on how to minimize pain in the press:

Always warm up before the main exercises - a few minutes of running or jumping can prepare the muscles of the press to work;

Do not handle new exercises during training too intensively - gradually increase their number;

Gradually increase weight during training, because only so you will succeed without consequences for the body;

At home lie in a warm bath with sea salt (you can and with the usual).

Well, in general, a little pain in the abdomen after training in a few days will pass, and you can continue your exercises more intensively, because the sport should deliver joy and pleasure.

© Author: therapist Elena Dmitrenko

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