Edema of the foreskin after intercourse

In men, you can often notice how, after having sex, rubbing clothes, as a result of masturbation or for some other reason, the flesh of the penis flushed and swollen.

Inflammation of the foreskin in men is calledPost. And the inflammation of the glans penis is called balanitis. Since these two diseases constantly accompany each other, their names have been combined, and now this disease is known to us under the term balanoposthitis.

This unpleasant disease is completely curable whentimely access to doctors, but if it is launched, the consequences can be unpredictable. So, let's imagine the situation that the foreskin is swollen. What to do when you are in such a predicament? First of all, do not panic, but if possible on the same day, turn to the andrologue. The doctor will make a correct conclusion and prescribe to you a set of necessary medicines.

In the meantime, let's deal with this disease a little closer.

There are three types of inflammation of the foreskin and head of the penis (balanoposthitis):

  • extensive inflammation and redness of affected areas;
  • friability of the skin and puffiness, followed by the appearance of erosions and abscesses.

Gangrenous balanoposthitis has such features:

  • general weakness,
  • fever;
  • purulent ulcers on the head of the penis;
  • necrosis of epithelial tissues;
  • redness of the glans penis and foreskin.

The usual symptoms of gangrenous balanoposthitis are the beginning phimosis and perforation of the prepuce. Wounds and ulcers formed on the body have a predisposition to slow healing.

Erosive balanoposthitis is usually distinguished by the following symptoms:

  • the formation of white, swollen areas of dead epithelium on the foreskin and on the head of the penis;
  • formation of large, reddened erosions, with softening areas along a clearly delineated periphery.

In all cases of the occurrence of balanoposthitis it is necessary to completely exclude the potential possibility of the disease by venereal diseases, especially syphilis.

The cases of the treatment of men to the hospital with similar complaints are getting worse: After sex, the foreskin is swollen. How dangerous is this?

Immediately we hasten to answer this not very difficult question. The fact is that the foreskin usually swells after sex only in two cases:

  • with mechanical irritation;
  • when entering an infection.

The first case (mechanical) is easily explained. There is a normal rubbing of the skin of the foreskin or glans penis. The main thing here, to monitor the hygiene of the genitals and not too carried away by prolonged sexual intercourse.

When infectious infection is slightly different picture: diseased epithelial tissues are subjected to severe mechanical irritation, which as a result leads not only to infection of their sexual partner, but also to a sharp progression of the infectious disease. There can be only one way out: an immediate address to a doctor.