Edema of the penis after masturbation

Another symptom, which is revealed during examination in the office of the urologist - swelling of the penis. There are two main mechanisms of appearancethis symptom: an inflammatory process in the genital area and a violation of the outflow of blood and / or lymph from the penis. If the inflammatory process is at the basis of puffiness, the patient usually has other symptoms of inflammation: redness. itching, burning, pain during intercourse. discomfort or pain when urinating.

Diseases in which there may be a swelling of the penis :

  • The compression of the head of the penis with narrowed foreskin is paraphimosis.
  • Pronounced inflammation of the head and foreskin -balanoposthitis. In most cases, the etiological factor is infection. It is necessary to remember the possible role of sexually transmitted infections: mycoplasma. ureaplasma. chlamydia. Trichomonas. gonococcus. pale treponema. herpes simplex virus. gardnerella.
  • Allergic reactions to condoms, lubricants, hygienic supplies, underwear and medicines.
  • Violation of the outflow of blood from the genitals: elephantiasis, operations on the organs of the small pelvis.
  • Injuries and burns.
  • As one of the manifestations of generalized edema.

As you can see, swelling of the penis can develop as with minorpathological processes, and in serious diseases requiring timely diagnosis and treatment. If this symptom is found, do not delay the visit to the urologist.