Swelling of the mammary glands during feeding

Swelling of the breast occurs whenoverflow of mammary glands. They become dense, shiny and painful. As the nipples are stretched, it is difficult for the toddler to grab them. A child in the first month of life, it happens, will sleep one or two feedings, and then it may seem to you that instead of a breast you have watermelons.

Strangely enough, swelling of the breast sometimes leads to a decrease in milk production. This means that the child will not be enough food, and your breasts will remain overcrowded.

What to do with swelling of the breast

When swelling the breast, try beforebreastfeed to express milk until you feel better. Sometimes it's easier to do while standing in the shower. In any case, a cold compress can bring relief.

If the chest and areola are so tight that you do notcan express the milk, try the following. Fill half of a large mug with warm water. Lean over and place the areola and nipple in the mug, without touching the water. This creates a vacuum, which, as the water cools, will suck the milk from the chest. This procedure can only be used as an emergency measure, until you can get to the doctor.