Edema of the vagina causes

About half of the women suffer from inflammatorydiseases. Inflammation of the vagina is the first place among gynecological diseases. The most common inflammation is due to infection. The main culprits of inflammation are microorganisms of different origin. More in detail now we shall understand the reasons and treatment of an inflammation of a vagina under the name of a vulvitis.

Vulvit Is an inflammation of the skin of the external genitalia. Vulwits are divided into two types: primary and secondary. The causes of inflammation of the vagina with primary vulvitis are trauma, metabolic disorders, anemia. Although primary vulvitis is much less common, secondary. In the presence of inflammatory processes, secondary vulvitis is observed. The irrational application of antibiotics can also cause the development of vulvitis. The disease begins with a fever and is accompanied by swelling, redness, and pain. When urinating, itching and burning becomes worse. The skin of the vagina is covered with purulent secretions. Treatment consists in washing the vagina with a warm solution of manganese or infusion of chamomile. You can make warm sessile baths with potassium permanganate. Well and helps herbal medicine.

Furunculosis vulva - purulent inflammation of hair follicles and sebaceousglands. The causes of the occurrence are the same as those of vulvitis. First, the skin appears red in color with puffiness around this boil. The formation of boils is accompanied by pain. But after the boil opens, the pain decreases, and the wound gradually heals. To treat furunculosis antibacterial ointments are used. The skin around the wounds is treated with an alcohol solution.

Colpit Is an inflammation of the vagina. The most common causes and treatment of vaginal inflammation are various microorganisms. Also, the development of colpitis leads to: failure to comply with personal hygiene, low acidity in the vagina, old crotch ruptures, inflammation and changes in the functions of the ovaries. Treatment of inflammation of the vagina is carried out only after the study of the vaginal microflora with mandatory identification of microorganisms. This identification is necessary in order to prescribe the right treatment, because there are several types of colpitis and they are treated differently. Colpitis will help to cope with such methods of traditional medicine as: phytotherapy, homeopathy, apitherapy.

Endocervicitis - Inflammation of the mucosa of the neck canalthe uterus. As a result of infection, the development of this disease occurs, which is facilitated by old cervical ruptures, vaginal and cervical dilation, improper contraceptive use. But most often endocervicitis develops in the presence of other diseases. As a rule, the symptoms of the disease are poorly expressed, usually patients complain of leucorrhoea. Treatment is carried out only after careful examination of the secretions, taking into account the nature of the pathogen. Assign antiviral and antibacterial drugs.

Genital Warts Is a benign education onsurface of the skin of the perineum, inguinal folds of the vagina and cervix. Condylomas can disappear on their own or they are removed by electrocoagulation. The cause of the appearance of condyloma is the virus. The appearance of condyloma indicates a decrease in the immune system, so the first step in treatment is to increase immunity. To stimulate the immune system, often used herbal collections, which have a wide range of effects.