Osteal lower eyelid and sore

The reasons that cause pain in the lower eyelid are many.

The main ones are:

  1. Barley. With this disease, on the eyelid (upper or lowerlower) appears inflamed bump. It is an inflammation of the sebaceous gland and the hair bulb of the eyelash. Three symptoms are characteristic: redness, swelling and pain in the eyelid region. Most often the inflammatory process causes staphylococcus aureus. People with weak immunity, hypovitaminosis, diabetes mellitus are most susceptible to the disease. Usually barley "ripens" for several days and opens itself. In this case, pus is released and the process of recovery begins. If there is no independent resolution of the process, then it is impossible to press barley. You need to see a doctor. He will prescribe an anti-inflammatory and physiotherapy treatment. Barley is dangerous for its complications. It can lead to the spread of infection on the tissues of the orbit and the meninges, which will lead to the development of meningitis and phlegmon of the orbit.
  2. Furuncle of the lower eyelid Is an inflammation of the septic character of the sebaceousglands of the hair follicle and surrounding connective tissue. At the beginning of the disease, the reddening of the eyelid and the appearance of a cone-shaped seal on it take place. Then an abscess appears on the top of the compaction. After opening the abscess, healing takes place with the formation of a scar. They treat with conservative methods and, if necessary, apply surgical treatment.
  3. Carbuncle of the lower eyelid. It is an inflammation of several hair folliclespouches and glands, which merges into one inflamed infiltrate. On the surface of such an infiltrate appears several purulent heads. Treat carbuncle as well as the furuncle of the century.
  4. Abscess of the lower eyelid. To the formation of an abscess may cause a furuncleor carbuncle (in the absence or untimely treatment) or infection of wounds of the lower eyelid. It is accompanied by pain in the lower eyelid and a headache. The abscess is sometimes opened independently, but, most often, a surgical operation is performed - an abscess opening. Not timely emptying of the lower eyelid can lead to a retrobulbar abscess or sepsis.
  5. Phlegmon of the lower eyelid. All of the above diseases cancomplicate the phlegmon of the century. In this case, the inflammatory process can capture soft facial tissues (orbit, buccal region). In addition to local symptoms of inflammation. there will be pronounced signs of general intoxication of the body.
  6. Erysipelas of the lower eyelid. It is caused by hemolytic staphylococcus,which can penetrate through the microdamage of the skin of the lower eyelid. The disease begins acutely with the appearance of chills, pain in the lower eyelid, redness and swelling. The affected areas of the skin are separated by raised edges from healthy areas. Sometimes there may be bubbles. For erysipelas, the following complications are typical: neuritis, conjunctivitis, keratitis, thrombophlebitis of the orbital veins.
  7. Acute purulent conjunctivitis. Patients complain of pain and pain in the eyes, pain in the eyelids, redness of the eye, secretion of a purulent character from the eye gap. The pus dries out on the eyelids, forming dry crusts.
  8. Blepharitis - inflammation of the edges of the eyelids. There are several forms of the disease (ulcerous, simple, scaly). The main symptoms are pain in the affected century, its redness and swelling.
  9. Chalyazion - an inflammation of the cartilage of the eyelid. In this case, a dense to the touch appears on the eyelid, the conjunctiva of the eye becomes red, with palpation, pain is felt. Halyazion can get bogged down.
  10. Molluscum contagiosum Is a disease of viral etiology, in whichOn the skin of the face, neck, and eyelids small nodules of yellow - white color are formed. This disease is typical for children. Remove the nodules with a sharp spoon and cauterize with iodine or zelenka.
  11. Corneal ulcer. It can be formed due to complications of eye trauma, conjunctivitis, dacryocystitis, eyelid twist. Patients complain of pain in the eye, decreased vision, eyelid edema, lacrimation, pain in the eyelids.
  12. Endophthalmitis - purulent inflammatory process of internalshells of the eye. Inflammation can be caused by eye disease, trauma or infection from distant foci through the blood. Symptoms of endophthalmitis: pain in the eye and eyelids, eyelid edema, redness of the conjunctiva, decreased vision, decreased eye pressure. accumulation of pus in the anterior chamber of the eye.

This is far from all diseases in which there will bethere is pain in the lower eyelid. As can be seen from the above, one disease can complicate the other and cause it. The absence of treatment can lead to serious and even fatal complications. Therefore, ignore such a symptom as pain in the lower eyelid is not worth it. A doctor ophthalmologist will help to deal with this problem quickly and effectively.