Lyoton or troxevasin is better than edema

Irina The Thinker (7453) 6 years ago

troxevasin acts cumulatively, that is, to notice the result, you need to use it regularly for a long time, and the lyoton relieves swelling and fatigue in one application
Which depends better on what effect you are moreis necessary - medical or cosmetic. To combat varicose veins, they are both, as it seems to me, equivalent, only in price, but doctors, nevertheless, recommend troxevasin

Zahar Guru (3220) 6 years ago

In my experience, it's better to have Troxevasin. He acts on wreaths, and Lyoton removes tension from his feet. Personally, I chose a remedy for varicose veins, and if you just have your feet buzzing, then it's better that Lyoton is sure.
There is still cream Sophia. It acts immediately on these two factors. So the choice is yours.

Marina Enlightened (21791) 6 years ago

My relative is ill, the diagnosis is thrombosis, CVN, etc., it is helped by troxevasin, trxerutin, and the lyoton does not help at all.

Lily - Mudrets (16647) 6 years ago

I just do not think that either, with varicose masilki these are useless, Lyoton I smear and I smear for a long time-I do not observe the effect, and Sophia-so it's all bullshit!
It's better to go swimming in the pool, and then it's more useful for varicose veins, it improves blood circulation

Lyoton is better (for treatment). if only because it is more expensive. Troxevasin better relieves pain.

SILVERFOX The Thinker (7303) 6 years ago

You know everything depends on how muchyou have varicose veins. The fact is that ointments and cream go through the skin if I'm not mistaken just 30% of the amount that you smeared. And how much comes to your veins judge for yourself. There are tablets for the treatment of varicose veins consult the phlebologist. Ointments and cream relieve fatigue in the legs and only but do not eliminate the problem, do not throw money away.

Alexander Aleshin Enlightened (37357) 6 years ago

The mechanism of action is different. And what will help you - it's up to you too.