How long does the edema persist after enlarging the lips

"Why do bruises appear on the lips after enlarging and how long do hematomas persist? Is it possible to somehow enhance the healing of the lips after the increase? "

Responds to Xenia (a specialist in lip augmentation)

Bruises after the named cosmetic procedure -this is absolutely natural phenomenon. The gel used breaks the soft tissues of the lips because of which bruises appear. Immediately after the procedure, excessive compression of the lips can cause pain. In addition, because of the swelling affecting the nerve endings, there is also a feeling of numbness in the lips.

If during the procedure you were madeanesthesia, the hematoma will go away longer - a full recovery will occur no later than eight days. Provided that anesthesia was not used, bruises will go off in 4-6 days. For more than 20 days, excessive sensitivity of the lips is possible, but this applies only to some women doing magnification.

In order to increase swelling and bruising of the lipswent faster, use the advice of a doctor - do cold compresses, smear your lips with the recommended healing ointments. With correct actions from the bruise and swelling, as well as bruising, there will be no hint already on the 3-4 day increase.