Edema of the labia of the causes

When talking about the swelling of the labia, the reasons canbe different. This is a rather delicate problem. Not all women immediately decide to tell about it and take advice. When a person encounters a similar situation, different thoughts and experiences arise - horror, fear, restraint. What to do in this case?

For what reason do puffiness appear on the genitallips? Let's try to determine the reasons. Puffiness can appear in the area of ​​large labia. As far as we know, these are two folds of the skin, which protect the vagina from mechanical damage and the environment. They are able to maintain a thermal regime in the female genital area. In the area of ​​the labia majora there are plexus veins, fatty tissue, and also large bertholin glands.

Puffiness may appear on small genitallips. They contain arteries, venous vessels and nerves, elastic and smooth muscle fibers, as well as sebaceous glands. On the small labia there is a huge number of nerve endings.

When we talk about the swelling of the labia, the reasons can be:

· Pregnancy. At this time, the flow of blood to the female genital organs increases. In the abdomen and labia majora, fat deposition is observed. The organism creates these sediments in order to maintain warmth and protect the child in the future;

· Disease of the human body, which provokes swelling of the body. This can be in case of violations of the endocrine system, kidney and heart diseases;

Infectious, inflammatory diseases.

With edema of the labia there is no need forto understand independently and to conduct home treatment. It is advisable to get advice from a qualified gynecologist. He will listen to you carefully and help you.

Condition, in which case they swell and achelabia, may be triggered by a developing inflammatory process on the labia, or vulvovaginitis. This condition appears for a variety of reasons that are associated with tissue irritation, caused by rubbing of the external genitalia on the laundry, irritation from secretions, or contamination with unwashed hands during masturbation.

Signs of vulvovaginitis are as follows: itching, swelling of the labia, and also hurt during walking and urination, there are significant redness. There may also be badly smelling yellowish-greenish discharge.

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