Edema after fractal

Disadvantages: quite high cost, rehabilitation period about a week

Who has scars on his face, he will understand - how depressing, when people look at you.

It all began with the fact that one day almost four years ago I was scratched by a cat. Nothing special, just a deep scratch was on the nose))).

Of course this is not fatal, a fewdays all has begun to live, but there was a scar of the convex form, ie. a strip of about 2 cm in length appeared, which towered above the surface of the skin and was quite noticeable to me and to others.

I began to look for methods to deal with this trouble and stopped at the faction laser, especially since in one of the clinics there was a very profitable action.

Honestly, I decided to "kill two birds with one stone": remove the hated scar on the nose and correct the skin's relief (make it smoother), remove the enlarged pores and a few "holes" on the cheeks from acne left over from adolescence - always envied girls with even porcelain skin.

Fraxel is a unique device thatsimultaneously destroys the old damaged skin and stimulates the formation of a new one - free from defects. The unique feature of Fraxel is also that this laser does not destroy the uppermost - the stratum corneum of the epidermis. Therefore, the procedure Fraxel does not violate the barrier functions of the skin, after it is carried out there is no need to apply protective dressings, use special means, do not sit for weeks at home, and wait until the skin recovers, as it sometimes happens after procedures on other lasers.

Unfortunately, the photo DO and AFTER did not (about the ayrecommend yet did not know), but personal impressions and sensations are the following:

  • came to the clinic, I'm worried, but I want beautiful skin,
  • talked with a doctor-cosmetologist, signed a contract,
  • they applied an anesthetic cream for about 30-40 minutes,
  • then the laser is applied to the skin. First, I went through each area of ​​the face from top to bottom, then from left to right - quite painfully - burn the entire face along and across, but "beauty requires sacrifice," 15 minutes can be tolerated,
  • all over, smeared healing cream,
  • gave a cream, said to smear, as soon as the crust will dry up, that there was always a small layer of cream, it is not advisable to wash, but it is possible,
  • I paid for the procedure, went to the toilet: the face in the mirror is very red,
  • I think how to go home: by subway or taxi,
  • went on the subway - saved time and money.

The most horrible thing was in the mirror the next morning:

face swollen - you can not go out into the street,

on the third day - the swelling decreases slightly.

On the fourth day after the fractal, there was almost a swellingall slept, a little left around the eyes, but there were crusts and peeling, they better not mask - with tonalnikom or powder they are even more noticeable. On this day I had to go to work, everyone asked me what my face was.

Only on the 5th-6th day the peeling was over, the skin looked smoother.

I did three such sessions on the whole face withan interval of three weeks. As a result, the scar and holes from acne disappeared, the enlarged pores remained unchanged (this skin structure is such that nothing can be done), I can not say about wrinkles, tk. they were not. For all this, I paid 45,000 rubles. subject to discounts.

In general, there is no need to wait for miracles, especially after one procedure, you need to do the course and always in winter, so that the sun's rays do not cause increased pigmentation.

I have only done 1 time so far. signed up for January again. and the deepest traces of acne were?

No, not deep, but were, mostly on the cheeks.Have left completely, the skin became equal. And to you it will necessarily help. The main thing, after procedures couple of months to be protected of the sun and a sun deck, to use a sun-protection cream, differently there can be pigmentary stains.