Swelling after workout

With fiznagruzkah is the release of stress hormones-adrenaline and cortisol, they delay sodium in the cells, respectively, and water in the body, it should be dealt with moderately, the strengths do not exceed an hour and after them necessarily a hitch-min 10 cardio at a moderate pace. and stretching, and aerobic the other day do.esche well, all the dill-parsley water is expelled, they must be added to the salad, dried apricots and bananas can be eaten in the morning, and you have already been advised about a low-carb diet.

07.12.07 11:09 (The answer for: Wildflower)

= ((
but I want everyone to believe, so in fact, I could also do harm to my health ..
and money takes good.

07.12.07 11:08 (The answer for: Evgenia812)

Thanks, I'll try. Beans I adore simply (only here it is difficult to be limited to a spoon). Well, under the Kremlin, I did not mean fat, and I did not mean =) if you exclude fat from it - you'll lose weight accurately. A 40 ye - on the beans with vegetables enough =)

12/07/2007 10:58 (The answer to: katrin_z)

not all coaches need to listen. as practice has shown, most of them just work out their time.

but keep your heart off. and the sauna is not a panacea for muscle pain. as they say - aching muscles? Change the coach!

12/07/2007 09:42 (The answer for: katrin_z)

With the sauna is true, after training is very harmful forheart, and kremlevka stupid diet, you need to eat lean proteins (chicken breasts, lean meat, liver, fish) and complex carbohydrates, brown rice, if the bread is whole-grain, and carbohydrates if you eat it better in the morning. Vegetables, be sure, stew. On steam or from a microwave (do not fry). Legumes work well for muscle regeneration. so that a spoon of beans in the first half of the day does not hurt)

07.12.07 09:19 (reply to: Wildflower)

And the coaches on the contrary tell us to go necessarilyin the sauna after training, so that the muscles do not hurt. At the end of training, you cool down, of course, on the stretch, but it's much less than half an hour. I have become puzzled now. =))

07.12.07 09:16 (reply for: Evgenia812)

I try not to eat protein, everything is stronger from himswells. And I go for 1-2 hours of power, an hour of aerobics, then the sauna is necessary. If this day the meat-chicken was ate - write was gone. From carbohydrates is not so much. Sometimes I also go to cycling (interval, mountain bike, big load on legs, loss of calories 800-1200 for 50 min.) - the same. I do it twice a week. Just time to "blown away."

Then try to get dry. More aerobic load, the diet is mainly protein, less salt.
In general, to swing a woman is almost impossible, unless of course you do not eat hormones. So the concept swung my legs or pumped over, I think there's nothing here.

12/06/2007 15:47 (The answer for: Evgenia812)

I am engaged in the third month, and muscles on legs or foots alllife is pumped. I try to "download" them back. and the sensation is as if it were swelling. But I do not get to stick to some kind of nutrition plan. Is there any food for this? say that - I will not eat it.