Edema in diseases of the thyroid gland

Shchitovidka refers to one of the leading"Tools" in the body. In its form it is very similar to a butterfly, and the structure - to a raspberry or blackberry. It is responsible for the normal metabolism in the body, protects against unfavorable conditions and stresses

Factors contributing to the occurrence of thyroid diseases are quite a few reasons: radiation, hereditary predisposition, climate, stress.

The most common cause of thyroid diseasethe gland becomes an inadequate amount of iodine in the body. In the thyroid gland, there is a synthesis of hormones of triiodothyronine and thyroxine, which contain iodine. With a lack of iodine in the body, there is a decrease in thyroid function, called hypothyroidism. In this process, there is a shortage of thyroid hormones, leading to a slowing of metabolism. Cells of organs and all systems work in a limited way.
In the nervous system, this manifests itself in slow motion and thinking, memory impairment. When Symptoms of Thyroid Disease a person may not notice this, but at the same timemay appear drowsy, decreased intelligence, up to the development of rapid vascular sclerosis. Such people, usually, are characterized by excessive fullness, brittle nails and hair, swollen eyelids and hands, delayed speech. The voice of women because of the mucus edema becomes rough. Very often, there are swelling of the legs, arthrosis of the joints may develop. The appearance of bags under the eyes, edema, general lethargy indicates the occurrence of hypothyroidism.

Than it is possible to help or assist at such signs of disease of a thyroid gland?

You can help, using a combination therapy,which is always selected individually, because of the different causes of hypothyroidism. When diseases of the thyroid gland due to lack of iodine in the body use drugs, which include iodine. With secondary hypothyroidism, trauma requires hormone therapy.
If the hormonal balance in the body can not be restored, hormonal drugs are introduced. With regular treatment, hypothyroidism can be cured. Rest Symptoms of Thyroid Disease . can be eliminated by applying naturaliodine compounds. When there is a lack of iodine in the body, its absorption slows down, and all the excess amount is simply removed from the body, so there is no overdose of iodine compounds.

The easiest way is to put iodine in the body withseafood and fish. Or apply sea kale and kelp. Nevertheless, it is better to use sea cabbage in the form of extracts, it is not recommended to use it in its pure form, since it accumulates heavy metals, harmful to the body. A prophylactic property with regular use also has a salt containing iodine.