Edema rinke

cereals, false croup, cancer, tuberculosis,edema of the vocal cords, Laryngitis subglottica, Reynke edema (subepithelial, often of allergic origin, bilateral edema of the vocal cords), especially in smokers and newsmakers.

acute laryngitis (viral or bacterial)often painful; chronic laryngitis (smog, tobacco smoke, dry air), i usually proceeds painlessly. There may be a cancer! It is necessary to examine the ENT.

Influenza and catarrhal infections in the initial stage;

Apis-Homaccord (drops, ampoules) edema, including swelling of the vocal cords;

acute, subacute and chronic inflammation of general or local nature;

local inflammation, for example, hyperemia and edema of the larynx;

chronic cough of smokers, often in combination with catarrh of the larynx and tracheitis;

restoration and activation of functions of enzyme systems in degenerative diseases (cell phases);

Echinacea compositum (+ forte) S (ampoules)

activation of immunity in inflammation and fevers (especially shown in bacterial laryngitis);

activation of nonspecific immunity, especially with influenza and unclear febrile infections (including viral laryngitis);

activation of nonspecific immunity, especially in chronic diseases; and mainly in chronic laryngitis;

laryngitis with influenza and influenza infections, with other febrile infectious diseases; !!

with a strong cough; for colds and laryngic cough;

lymphatics, propensity to edema and infections;

activation of immunity in catarrh and diseases of the mucosa of various species and localization, for example, in the region of the upper and lower respiratory tract;

catarrh of the respiratory tract; rapid transition of laryngitis to bronchitis;

Traumeel S (drops, tablets, ampoules)

inflammatory and degenerative processes in various organs and tissues.

parenteral preparations of basic and 2-3 preparations of symptomatic therapy; physiotherapy

neural therapy Nervus maxillaris, Ganglion sphenopalatinum;

a temporary restriction on singing and speaking.

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