How much does edema go after rhinoplasty?

Good afternoon, 3 months ago has made rhinoplasty,unsuccessfully sewed up, the scar remained very strong, the doctor says that this cartilage was not noticed and again have to go to surgery and align it. + Nedopili hump. Is it possible to come to a consultation with one of the doctors in your clinic and how much will it cost?

Hello Maria! You can come to me for a free consultation, where I will examine you and tell you what will be best done. Phone «Aesthetic

Is it difficult to do rhinoplasty?

Hello, I finally decided to go on operetsiyu, how do you think suits me rhinoplasty and whether it will be a difficult and painful?

Hello. Rhinoplasty is not painful and difficult for the patient. You will not feel pain, only a little discomfort while wearing gypsum. The main thing,

Ten days later the plaster cast will be removed, and no one will recognize in the noble profile the former features of Pinocchio.
During the first ten days, swelling around the eyes is possible -
their degree depends on individual characteristics.
(on these words the article ends)

"Elle Petersburg" February 2004

Hematomas and swelling are absolutely normalafter rhinoplasty, a typical reaction of the body to surgical intervention. Edema is formed due to the detachment of tissues during surgery, after which they increase in size.

The severity and speed of convergence edema dependsfrom the individual characteristics of the body. In some, the process takes 1-2 months, others require a year. It is worth remembering that edema should be moderate, and bleeding is an occasion to immediately consult a doctor.

First time gypsum restrains edema - patientsit seems that the nose has diminished in size. However, after removing the bandage, the picture changes and many begin to panic. The nose may seem even bigger than before the operation. This is a temporary phenomenon, so you should be patient.

In order to accelerate the convergence of the edema, it is necessary to patiently follow the doctor's orders and not engage in amateur activities.