Swelling of the auditory canal

Inflammation of the external auditory canal - acuteor a chronic disease, the causative agents of which are infectious agents or fungal infection. External manifestations of the inflammatory process look like reddening and swelling of the auricle with the spread of the process deep into the ear canal.

The causes of inflammation can be:
  • traumatization of the auricle with microbescitation of bacteria and the formation of perichondritis
  • transition of infection from the surface of the face to the auricle in the erysipelatous skin lesions severe hypothermia with the formation of a furuncle at the beginning of the auditory canal
  • allergic processes, metabolic disorders with the development of eczema of the auricles fungal lesion of the ear canal
  • the formation of sulfur plugs
Symptomatic external inflammation is in some characteristic signs:
  • expressed painful sensations during palpation and shifting of the auricle and anterior part of the external part of the auditory canal
  • itching and swelling
  • easy ear obstruction
  • exudate or purulent discharge
  • cracks and lining of the auricle

With inflammation of the external auditory canal orauricle, it is important to carry out differential diagnosis in order to establish the exact cause of the inflammatory process. In the process of examination and palpation, the boundaries of the spread of the infection, the nature of the painful sensations are accurately determined, and, if necessary, the material for laboratory-diagnostic examination is taken.