Swelling of muscles after training

Muscle pain is familiar to all athletes, fromlovers to professionals of the highest class. However, this does not mean that every class should be accompanied by the inability to get out of bed the next day. There are legends about high-quality instructors, after which they almost do not hurt the muscles, while the figure is clearly better. Do your muscles hurt after training? Then read on.

There is a popular belief that the cause of muscle pain- accumulating in them lactic acid. In fact, the reason is different - with excessive load, muscle fibers are damaged. After that, under the condition of proper nutrition and rest, the muscles recover after training and even their relative increase. They also become more prominent when consuming a large amount of carbohydrates, bodybuilders know that are preparing to show their data at the competitions. And even after training, muscles can swell a little and from this increase in volume. By the way, this often gives a plus on the scales, but do not worry, 48 hours - and the excess water will go away by itself. The main thing is not to start eating fat and sweet from grief, but the plus will only grow.

Although some discomfort is quite normal, inIn some cases, when the muscles hurt after training, you need to see a doctor. First, if the pain does not end when the movement stops. Secondly, if the resulting pain can be called acute. In the third, if the severe pain did not pass after 72 hours.

Most of the muscles ache after training withvisitors to the gym, although some aerobics instructors are able to bring the muscles to a damaged state. The main thing is not to be frightened, but to rejoice, because without damage there will be no improvement in the relief. It is necessary to increase the load over time, it can be spasmodic. A week to study in one intensity, get used to, and then on the next - to increase the load. Muscles, of course, will poboljat, but you will know, that they become stronger. And the increase in muscle mass will mean that you can eat more calories without the risk of gaining fat mass. However, additional calories should be obtained mainly in the form of proteins, to some extent carbohydrates, but not at the expense of fats. An exception is a fat fish, it can even be thinner. Proteins will help your muscles to rebuild faster, they can be consumed 40 minutes after training, when the muscles are ready to take nutrients from the blood to the maximum. If your goal is muscle growth, do not disdain slow carbohydrates - buckwheat, oatmeal, dark rice. This will allow the muscles not to devour themselves, and the resulting proteins to use for the construction of tissue.

It is necessary to give the muscles a rest at least 36 hours, continuous training will only cause depletion of resources. Do not overdo it.

Do exercises help relax the muscles? Yes, and this does not necessarily have to be stretching exercises, contrary to popular belief. However, they must necessarily be accompanied by an increased supply of oxygen to the muscles. To do this, do not breathe too deeply, in fact, deep breathing often paradoxically causes oxygen deficiency. The best way to provide a lot of oxygen is to get breath through physical exertion. After aerobics, you do not need to do special exercises, you will feverishly gasp for air. But after such sports as pilates or callanetics, you need to give yourself a more intense load before you begin to actually relax.

The person is best relaxed when his bodyis located in the space in the most comfortable poses. For example, after exercising on the muscles of the press, it is good to pull your legs to your chest, clasping your knees with your hands. After the exercises for the work of the hands, you must put your hands in a standing position so that they hang like whips. Each of the legs must be pulled in turn, lying on the floor.

Also, to prevent pain, massage with ointmentbomb-bengu. It warms and improves blood circulation, strengthening metabolic processes and contributing to recovery. However, if you suspect a trauma, you should abstain from using such an ointment.

The amateur sportsman needs to be very careful and attentive to himself if the muscles hurt after training. This is the case when it is better to be hypochondriac, which will save precious health.