Pristenochny edema of the mucous membrane of the maxillary sinus

Age: 5 years 11 months

Chronic diseases: Chronic pyelonephritis, Catarrhal cystitis

Hello, Previous X-ray. The picture showed the curvature of the noses. Partitions to the right, noses. The strokes were moderately narrowed due to the mucosal edema. The maxillary sinus on the left was totally darkened, the right eccentric narrowed, due to the parietal edema. The cells of the latticed maze are darkened. Frontal sinuses pneumatized, conclusion: Rhinitis. Curvature of noses. Partitions. Two-sided. Inflammation of the upper jaw. Sinus (exudation left?).
I refused the puncture, t. To. There were no signs of maxillary sinusitis, the discharge from the nose was transparent, after the vasoconstricting drops were buried in the nose, the nasal congestion in the child passed, for the next 2 days. The child's condition was stable, that is, no signs of maxillary sinusitis appeared, I decided to abstain from re-taking antibiotics, deciding that the darkening of the noses. Sinuses in the picture, most likely due to swelling, due to rhinitis plus everything in 1.5 weeks. Before that, we treated otitis obtained by washing the nose against the background of enlarged adenoids (grade 3), the 1st antibiotic prescribed to us by augmetin, the child drank it 10 days a day.
After adenoids decreased in size,I was forced to close the hospital, the treatment of the child was done by the former husband, it was reduced to washing the nose, inhalation, the reception of the decoction of marigold, and honey with milk. Runny nose and stuffiness has passed, the child feels well, at night breathes a nose (before it breathed a mouth practically constantly, snored).
The last X-ray. The picture showed positive. Dynamics: Frontal and right. Maxillary. The sinuses are pnevamatized, but the eccentric narrowing of the lion is preserved. Sinuses due to parietal edema, noses. Strokes moderately narrowed due to edema of the mucous membrane cells. The labyrinth of reduced transparency on the left, the conclusion: rhinitis catarrh of the lion. Maxillary. Sinus. Prompt please what treatment to adhere to further, whether it is necessary to spend on drink klatsid?

Tags: swelling of the maxillary sinuses, parietal edema of the maxillary sinus

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Hello! In the reception of antibacterial therapy there is no need in connection with the lack of fever and purulent discharge from the nose. Edema in the sinus can be removed by regular rinsing of the nasal cavity with isotonic solutions (Aqua Maris, Aquolor, Dolphin, etc.), and then using Polidex or Sofradex (ear drops).
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