Swelling of the abdomen after mammoplasty

The rehabilitation period is inseparablestage of mammoplasty, during which the healing of breast tissue, fixation and installation of implants in the chest, swelling, blood circulation is normalized and the final postoperative form of mammary glands is formed.

The patient during the rehabilitation should clearly adhere to the recommendations of the plastic surgeon and observe all the rules to prevent the appearance of undesirable complications and side effects.

The rehabilitation period can be easy and fast,and can also stretch significantly over time. The length of the recovery period depends on the volume of the plastic surgery, the individual characteristics of the patient's organism and her age.

Staying in a hospital after a breast plasty

Usually the first day after surgery, a womanconducts in the intensive care unit under the supervision of medical personnel and the doctor who performed the surgery in order to get emergency medical help on time in case of complications after general anesthesia or plastic surgery.

On the second day, if the patient feels well, she is discharged from the hospital and released home with a list of recommendations and prescriptions for medications.

Medications after surgery

  • Painkillers: 90% of women during the first days after mammoplasty experience intense pain and discomfort associated with stretching the breast tissue with an implant, damaging the muscles during plastic surgery, increasing swelling of the mammary glands.
  • A complex of antibiotics and antiviral drugs that help prevent infections, purulent complications, relapse of herpes.
  • Means of external application for postoperative sutures: silicone plaster (Meliform), cream Kontraktubeks, Dermatix.
  • Other drugs in the presence of indications.

Care for the post-operative sutures is very important, since the scars on the breast can significantly spoil the results of plastic surgery.

To prevent the formation of coarse andwide postoperative scar, it is necessary to fix the edges of the wound with special adhesive strips or plaster to relieve tension on the sides of the scar, and also regularly wear specially selected compression underwear (during the first month, every day).

Sutures are removed on the 7-10th day after the operation, some surgeons use a bioresonable suture material.

During the first month, scars should be sealed with a plaster of silicone (for example, Meliform), you can use Dermatix Ointment.

When the scar becomes white and elastic, you canstart applying Kontraktubeks ointment for the final resorption of scars. Previously, the use of an ointment on an unformed scar may lead to the formation of a large and wide scar.

Swelling of the chest after plastic surgery arenormal reaction of tissues and the body to surgical intervention. Puffiness can be significant in size, it looks like an unnatural increase in the upper half of the breast above the nipple. The swelling of the chest persists from 2 weeks to 3 months.

Reduce swelling helps compression underwear, which massages the breast tissue, activates blood circulation and lymph drainage.

The following factors contribute to the increase and increase of edema:

  • Visit the solarium, a long stay in the sun.
  • Take a hot bath or shower.
  • Sexual arousal, causing blood flow to the chest.
  • Visiting the sauna and bath.
  • Intensive physical activity.
  • Refusal to wear compression linen.
  • Take a shower with a cool, slightly warm water.
  • Refuse from sexual contacts and intense physical activity for at least 4 weeks.
  • Wear compression underwear for at least 1 month after the operation.
  • For 1 month, refuse to visit the solarium, bath, sauna, beach.

Physical stress after mammoplasty

The patient must observe the following restrictions during the rehabilitation period:

  • Do not raise your hands above shoulder level, do not lift objects heavier than 3 kilograms, do not make sharp hand movements, turns and corners of the body (at least a week after the operation).
  • You can get behind the wheel of the car not earlier than 10 days after the operation and only if there is a power steering.
  • Work on the house can be performed only from 2 weeks after the operation, provided that it is not associated with lifting weights, performing actions in an inclined position of the body.
  • You can go back to sports trainingonly 1 month after the operation and only after consulting a plastic surgeon. It is necessary to engage in compression underwear, gradually increasing the load.
  • The first 2-3 weeks after surgery is not desirabletake a small child or pets in the hands, if you still need to do this, you should sit down, keeping your back straight, grasp the child with your hands and raise it gently upwards.

Plastic surgeons usually prescribe a massage1 month after the operation, in some cases - after 1-2 weeks. Techniques and techniques of massage shows the doctor, so the patient can conduct self-massage at home or go to a specialized masseur.

Breast massage helps maintain the elasticity of the connective tissue capsule that forms around the implant, preventing the capsule from becoming thick and dense to the touch.

Breast Care

Breast skin after mammoplasty in the absence of complex care gradually loses its elasticity, it can appear wide stretch marks (striae), which significantly worsen the appearance of the breast.

Breast skin care includes applyingspecial creams and lotions, oils, which can be done as early as 1 week after plastic surgery, immediately after the shower. Creams and lotions should be applied overnight, any nourishing and moisturizing creams, creams from lifting series, lotions for breast augmentation, toning the skin, preventing the appearance of stretch marks, are suitable for the breast.

Creams and lotions should also be applied to the chest before the massage and evenly distributed over the skin.

In 1 month after plastic surgery the patient can start the course of the salon cosmetic procedures, which will help tighten the skin of the breast, keep her elasticity and elasticity.

The following can be used for skin care of the breast:

  • Alginate mask for breast skin. These masks include alginic acid andits salts. Masks are available in the form of powders, which must be diluted with water or a solvent, or in the form of gels. Additional components of masks are extracts of medicinal plants (eg chamomile), mineral clay, ginseng root, essential oils (lemon, orange, grapefruit, lavender, rosemary).
  • Algal wraps. For the procedure, mostly brownalgae (eg, kelp, fucus), but ready-made compounds for algal wraps, made in the form of a cream, can also be used. Algae contain polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3, iodine, alginates, vitamins A, C, D, groups B, E, PP, K, calcium, sodium, silicon, sodium, magnesium and other microelements. The procedure for wrapping algae can be carried out in two main ways: cold or hot.
  • Special serums (for example, whey for breast Chicco Mamma Donnaor Perfect Body Firming Bust & Décolleté Gel from Oriflame). Regular application of serums helps to improve the smoothness and elasticity of the skin of the chest, neckline, improve the contours of the breast, stimulates the production of elastin and collagen. Serum for the breast should be applied 2 times a day (morning and evening) in circular motions, preferably after taking a shower.

Maintaining body weight is normal

The weight of the woman's weight is greater: the slightest change in body weight (weight loss, weight gain) leads to a change in the shape and volume of the breast.

If a woman plans an operation and at the same time wants to lose weight, then first she must lose weight to the desired mark, stabilize it and only then carry out the plastic surgery of the breast.

Change in weight during the rehabilitation period maynegatively affect the results of plastic surgery, worsen and severely deform the shape and volume of the breast. Thus, a sudden weight loss will make the implant noticeable under the skin, and a sharp weight gain will lead to stretch marks on the skin of the breast, a sagging of the mammary glands, and a significant gain in weight combined with an additional implant volume will make the breast unnaturally large and unnatural.

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Change of compression underwear for normal clothes

The moment of transition from compression toThe usual underwear is determined individually by a plastic surgeon in each case. Some patients may be allowed to wear ordinary underwear as early as 1 month after the operation, while others may need a longer period (up to 1 year).

The transition from compression to normal laundryshould occur gradually. When choosing a regular bra that can be worn after supporting underwear, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • To be maximally comfortable and comfortable, hypoallergenic (it is better to give preference to underwear made of natural materials), pleasant to the touch.
  • It should not squeeze the mammary glands, crash into the skin, rub, fall, crawl up the back.
  • It is good and reliable to support a new large chest.

If the patient under the breast is largepostoperative scar, then the bones of a new bra can first inconvenience and discomfort, rub, so it is necessary to use an elastic bandage. The bandage should be wrapped around the scar, which will help to close and protect the scar, and you can put on a new bra at the top of the bandage.

The first year after surgery, you can not wear 2 underwear categories:

  • Push-up (deforms and squeezes the mammary glands).
  • Bras without strapless (deprive the breast of necessary support, so the breasts can quickly stretch, sag, lose shape).