How much the edema keeps after rhinoplasty

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure used to change the shape of the nose. General changes include changes in the size and shape of the nose.

Are there any age restrictions for rhinoplasty?

As a rule, rhinoplasty can be performedpatients who are 18 years of age or older. There are, of course, exceptions, for example, cases of severe injuries, and in this case the operation can be performed much earlier. Again, probably, a re-correction will be needed in the future.

Why do surgeons say it takes a year to see the final result?

You, of course, see a positive resultlong before the year ends, but the final line will reach the nose after a year, and in some cases it takes up to one and a half years for the swelling to go away completely, but remember, it will only be visible to your surgeon, others will not notice something not right. A noticeable difference, of course, will be visible right after the operation. However, a complete picture of what will ultimately result from postoperative edema and skin discoloration may retain a slight redness of the skin on the bridge of the nose. Edema will disappear within the first weeks after the operation, 80% of the edema and 100% of the redness of the skin should disappear within three to four weeks. Three months after the procedure, almost 90% of the edema will go away. and the remaining redness of the skin and stuff will go away throughout the year. Be patient.

Rhinoplasty - is it very painful?

B ol thing is relative, most patientsexperience only minor inconveniences, rather than pain. This discomfort is most often associated with nasal tampons and gypsum. As a rule, they are removed within a day or so after the operation, and the patient experiences a feeling of relief. Patients may also feel weakened after surgery.

How long is the operation last?

Surgical times will vary depending on theseveral factors. Primary rhinoplasty procedures usually take two to three hours to complete and procedures for revising rhinoplasty usually take three to four hours.

What are nasal swabs?

Nasal swabs or turuns are gauzes thatinserted into the nasal passages to prevent bleeding, also support the septum after rhinoplasty. They stay within 24-48 hours after the operation.

What if you are unhappy with the results of your rhinoplasty?

It is important to wait time, rehabilitation period,decline in the swelling before saying that you are unhappy with the results of your rhinoplasty. If you still are unhappy with your nose after 7-8 months, you should consult a surgeon who operated. Perhaps you need a correction or you simply can not get used to the new way.

Is it true that the nose is more vulnerable after rhinoplasty?

Some patients may experience a runny nose afterrhinoplasty, but this is individual, it does not happen to everyone. And in most cases it takes place within nine months after the operation, it may be a little more up to a year and a half years.

Are there any complications or risks in the plasticity of the nose?

Rhinoplasty is considered a safe procedure,although each surgical procedure carries a certain risk of complications. These risks may include adverse reactions to anesthesia, infections, nosebleeds, numbness of the skin, small ruptures of blood vessels on the surface of the skin, asymmetry and other possible complications.

Are scars left after rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty requires skin incisions thatof course leads to the appearance of scars. When the closed rhinoplasty is in the inner surface of the nose, as a result of which there is no visible scarring. With open rhinoplasty, a small incision is made on the columella, or on the underside of the skin between the nostrils, where the seam is located after rhinoplasty, but do not worry, after a while, in all different ways, this shovchik becomes completely invisible. You can safely be content with your new beautiful nose.

What kind of anesthesia is needed for rhinoplasty?

- Rhinoplasty is usually performed under general anesthesia or a combination of local anesthesia and sedation (suppression of consciousness)

What does repeat rhinoplasty mean?

Repeated Rhinoplasty, also known as secondary or tertiary rhinoplasty, is used to correct the effects of past rhinoplasty. As a rule, a more complicated procedure than a primary operation.

What can I achieve with rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty can improve or change the shape of the nose, for example:

- reduce or increase the size of the nose;
- changing the angle between the nose and upper lip;
- narrowing of the range between the nostrils;
- hump removal;

- change the shape of the tip;

- Rhinoplasty also allows you to resolve breathing problems.

What can you expect from a consultation with a surgeon?

For the consultation, you will discuss the objectives andreality, what can be achieved in the case of your rhinoplasty. The surgeon must examine your nose and face, and also discuss the history of your illness. He will provide detailed information about the operation itself, anesthesia, a surgical center, and also inform about possible complications.

How long will I need to avoid work?

Most patients return to working mode after 10-14 days.

Does rhinoplasty cover insurance?

Insurance usually does not cover procedures that are purely cosmetic.

How often does a person have hematomas after rhinoplasty?

The color change around the eyes usually occursafter operation. The degree of this color and the amount of time it takes to get them off individually. You can observe bruises around the eye for 7-10 days after the operation, although in some patients it can last up to three weeks.

What is the plastic of the nasal septum?

Septoplasty is a surgical procedure used to correct the shape of the septum due to defects or deformities. It can be performed simultaneously with aesthetic rhinoplasty.

Where is rhinoplasty usually performed?

- Rhinoplasty can be performed in an operating surgeon's clinic or in a hospital.

How many subsequent visits of your surgeon are necessary after rhinoplasty?

The number of visits each surgeon believes in his own way. Most often the surgeon wants to see you on the 2nd-4th day after the operation. Subsequent visits will vary within a few weeks. In the future, you will need to be shown quarterly.

Do I need someone to help at home?

If you are released on the next day after surgery, it is advisable that someone is nearby. In the Clinic, usually the patients undergoing surgery are followed by nurses.

As a rule, it is removed within 7-10 days after rhinoplasty.

Stitches are usually removed within a week after rhinoplasty surgery.

When will I be able to wear glasses?

Glasses can be worn when your nose protects the cast. But! After its removal, it is necessary to abstain from this within six months.

When can I go in for sports after nose plasty?

It is necessary to exclude sports (jogging, cycling, or aerobics) for at least four weeks.

Can the nose grow after rhinoplasty?

If rhinoplasty is performed by the child, then of course,like a child, the nose continues to grow, which can negatively affect the result of the operation. Therefore, this plastic surgery is recommended after the age of majority, when growth stops.

What material is used if reconstructive plastic is needed?

There are a number of materials that can be used for transplant. In most cases, the patient's own cartilage is used, or from the inside of the nose, ear, less often, the rib.

How much on average do you need to walk with gypsum and how many bruises go through?

With gypsum, walk about from 4 days to 10 days, and with bruises from a week to three (if not particularly strong then from the second week is no longer visible)

If you significantly reduce the nose - where then disappears excess skin? I heard that it is impossible to cut it off.

Yes, the "extra" skin is not cut off, it shrinks and by the time of removal of the gypsum already "evenly sits" on the new nose.

How much does edema persist on the nose?

An average of six months. Most of the edema disappears earlier.

After 5-10 years or more, is the nose deformed?

No, the result after rhinoplasty remains forever and does not change with the years, if you do not take into account age-related skin changes.

How many sports can I do after rhinoplasty?

It is recommended to refrain from physical exertion for at least a month, including not lifting weights of more than 5 kg and not bending over.

How much you can not sunbathe after rhinoplasty?

2 weeks, tk. early tanning is fraught with severe swelling and scarring.

When can I clean my face after rhinoplasty?

At what time of year is it best to do rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty can be done at any time of the year outsidedepending on climatic conditions. To prevent the development of complications associated with unfavorable weather conditions, you only need to comply with all the recommendations of the surgeon.

How often is correction or re-operation performed?

According to statistics, approximately 10% - 15% of all nasal surgery require re-surgery to improve or correct the results of the first operation.