Edema of the vagina photo

Vaginal edema can occur in almostany woman. The cause of this can serve as a disease such as vulvitis, which starts inflammation on the skin in the vagina. This unpleasant disease can develop due to any trauma (wearing tight underwear, coarse sexual intercourse and others), with disturbed metabolism (obesity, diabetes), excessive abuse of antibiotics, anemia, radiation therapy, allergic reactions. This disease is manifested not only by the edema of the vagina, but also by painful urination.

At the first signs of vulvitis, when youfelt edema of the vagina, you should begin treatment. At home, you can wash your vaginal skin with chamomile infusion or rinse with potassium permanganate. But it is not necessary to ignore the doctor for this disease, since vulvitis can spread to the internal genital organs, and in girls the fusion of the labia may occur.

Sometimes vaginal edema can be caused by vaginitis. This disease occurs with a decrease in the body's immune system, hormonal failures, sexually transmitted diseases, any injuries or if the rules of personal hygiene are not respected. Treatment in this case appoints a doctor.

If you have vaginal edema with sexual intercourseallocation of blood, it is possible to judge such a disease as colpitis. And if the vaginal edema occurred immediately before the entrance to it, then you have bartolinite, which arises from the presence of streptococci or staphylococci.

In any case, whatever the causeedema of the vagina, it is necessary to visit a gynecologist who, according to the results of all tests, prescribes the necessary treatment and antibiotics. Thus, you can exclude the transition of vulvitis to the chronic form of the disease. So, with allergic vulvitis, a strict diet is most often prescribed, excluding sharp, salty and sweet dishes. Women's health is formed from the very childhood, therefore, every girl must learn and be able to observe personal hygiene, proper nutrition, healthy way of life in order to avoid problems in the future.