Swelling of the muscles after exercise

You started to exercise regularly, and decided to weigh yourself to assess the results. And what do you see: After training your weight increased. Do not be in a hurry to get upset, this strange fact can be a completely logical and understandable explanation.

Possible reasons why weight could increase after exercise

The most likely cause of weight gain afterexercise is the swelling of the muscles. After unaccustomed loads in the muscles, water begins to linger, and they increase in volume. This phenomenon is temporary and has nothing to do with the growth of muscles. In a couple of weeks they will come back to normal, and your weight will go down.

Doing nothing, this is a natural process in the body, you can not escape from it anywhere. Wait 2-3 weeks, the muscles adapt in the load, and the weight will automatically go down. Here the main thing is not to be alarmed by numbers and systematicallyContinue training without paying attention to the scales. Also do not forget to make a good stretch after class: quality stretch exercises perfectly tone your muscles and help in creating a beautiful relief.

2. Excess daily caloric intake

Do not think that if you are doing sports,then you can eat in unlimited quantities. This is not true. Average training helps to burn from 300 to 500 calories per hour, and this is just a piece of your favorite puff cake. If you eat more than your body can absorb, then you will not lose weight, but will gain weight after training. Do not forget about the basic principles of proper nutrition for weight loss.

Adhere to a moderate diet, or even better start counting calories. Successful weight loss is a 70% steady diet and only 30% regular sport. Keep a diary of nutrition, count calories, avoid sweets and fast food. Sports will not lead you to an ideal body, unless you change your eating habits. Alas, but this is so.

A popular misconception why weight can increase after exercise

Many believe that weight gain aftertraining is a consequence of muscle growth. If we do not talk about power training with large weights and protein nutrition, then this is an absolute misconception! Even if you really want to pump up the muscles, girls are very difficult: a month the increase in muscle mass will not be more than 500 g. With normal training, muscle growth will not, so you do not need to worry about it. The maximum you bring them in tone and make the body more embossed.

Four important tips for making your workouts effective:

  • Do not get up on the scales daily and do not panic because of the numbers;
  • control your diet;
  • do a good stretch after training;
  • do not be afraid to go in for sports: even if the first time after exercise weight increases, your body will be closer to its ideal shape.