How to remove a tumor after tooth extraction

One of the normal consequences of tooth extraction,certainly, are edema and swelling of the cheeks. Most often, it is caused by a violation of the integrity of the gums, and therefore becomes an inevitable phenomenon during the removal of the tooth. To know the norms for a tumor after the procedure, it is worth knowing the main causes that provoke swelling. You have a tumor after tooth extraction. The reasons and how to remove this tumor is the topic of this article.

Tumor after tooth extraction: causes of the phenomenon

To provoke a tumor after tooth extraction canweight factors. From the most obvious, to a very inconspicuous reason, which for a long time did not count. Let's start with the most probable and finish with the most unpleasant and little expected.

Mechanical damage to the gums caused swellingcheeks after tooth extraction. To remove the tumor you need to apply a cold and wait. The best option yet, because until the body can not cope with this itself, the edema will not come down.

Irritation of the tooth socket. If immediately after removal or in the next few hours, a person drank or ate something hot, sour, salty, spicy or fizzy, then this may be enough to cause not only a lot of pain, break the blood plug in the tooth socket, but also cause edema.

Tumor after tooth extraction often appears in thethose who suffer from hypertension. Elevated blood pressure prevents the blood from coagulating normally and forms a blood stopper that closes the wound. This irritates the injured gum, and causes edema, as a reaction of displeasure.

A tumor can also be a reaction to analgesics,which a person takes to relieve the pain reaction. It happens that patients are heroic and do not specifically use painkillers, and this can also provoke a problem.

Inflammation. This is the most unpleasant, but it is possible that after the removal of the tooth, infection or pathogenic bacteria entered the wound, which caused inflammation, and this minute the cheek swelled, as a reaction to the work of the pathogenic stimulus.

Tumor after tooth extraction: how to remove it?

To remove the tumor after tooth extraction there are no specific options. Offer to use a variety of symptomatic ways.

Cold compress, this is to remove the tumor and reduce the pain.

Apply a cotton wool with hydrogen peroxide to the tumor to reduce the chance of infection or cope with inflammation.

Anti-inflammatory drugs that can also be used actively in tumors after tooth extraction, especially if the patient has fever.

The rest is to rely on the doctor and wait for his verdict and decisions about treatment. This is the most correct policy in the case of a prolonged symptom of the tumor after tooth extraction.

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