Edema rheinke

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Overexertion of the voice, in particular among the singers,speakers and teachers, damages the voice apparatus. The voice becomes rough or hoarse, monotonous, loses its voicelessness. Attempts to speak louder only increase the damage. Friction of voice, consultation and employment with phoniatric help to restore the structure and functions of the voice apparatus.

The first consequence of the voice overload is edemasubepithelial layer of the propria of the mucous membrane of the vocal folds (the so-called Reinke space). Swelling reduces the frequency of vocal folds, and the voice becomes lower. With appropriate treatment, this condition is reversible.

Shown with the employment with the phoniatric, but before you need to cure diseases that predispose to edema, such as reflux-laryngitis, quit smoking.

If, in spite of treatment, the edema does not subside, it is possible that its cause lies in the common disease, for example, in hypothyroidism.

Increasing, edema Reinke leads to persistent changes in vocal folds. They can form polyps and nodules.

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