Edema over the upper lip after an increase

Good afternoon, the situation is this: a week ago, was unwell, jumped out on the face of Herpes (in the nose, on the lip, chin). A few days later I noticed that on the forehead, cheeks, where acne should have appeared, the skin dried up and a small wound was formed. So on the whole face, v. E. Instead of pimples (as it was before) lick the skin and wet the place on which she got down. With what is connected, I can not understand, I've never encountered this before. All face in wet plaques (if it can be called so). Before this, I drank a decoction of broth for two days with La.

Hello, yesterday I removed the eight, from below,on right. The tooth was complex, the roots were bent and a piece of the root broke off, the intern-practitioner did not get it, explaining that it might hurt the channel and said that it would come out later. With anesthesia, I got a nerve and now my lower lip, part of my chin and part of my cheek are numb. Now he's still stabbing, pulling and like running creeps (all this in the complex is driving mad). Have registered an amoxicillin 0. 5г-3р / д. 5days, Nise for pain, neuromultivitis 1t. -1p / d. Another.

Hello there was sex not zashchishchenny with a certain ladyat the end of November 2012! All would not be what but after 45 days, a fever of incomprehensible origin began! In the beginning the throat then herpes and then the temperature 37 headaches shakes all the pimples on the chest on the back on the legs and hands (not much but were) then bitterness in the mouth and bile went! Spit in the bath with cinnamon saliva! Пойже it was found out I have overslept with the girl vich and a hepatitis! My actions 51 day Ifa at am august 2 month at aug otrits 3 month at ar otrits 4 month at.

good afternoon
Very often I notice traces of blood in publicplaces, sometimes accidentally touch them, if there are any risks, if after that I eat with my hands, squeeze out a pimple, could scratch my eyes with my hands, touch my lips, put my finger in my mouth, do I have HIV risks

Hello, very strong itching in the field of largeand small labia, there is no itching in the vagina, tell me what tests to take. At relatives have found a scabies, whether there can be a scabies on genitals? I have nowhere else acne, no itch

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