Edema after the antibiotic in the gum

Vova1234 The Thinker (5299), closed 3 years ago

The tooth is the sixth. The tooth began to hurt on Friday. Then the gum came down. On Monday I went to the doctor. She said there is pus. The tooth opened. I rinsed for three days and it went away. Then they cleared all the channels. And nerves are removed. 2 days ago sealed the channels. A little bit of paste came over the root of the tooth. A day later, the seal was fixed permanently. The tooth does not hurt. It hurts only with a very strong push. After this, during the night, the tibia swelled up the gum to the root of the tooth. With a slight push, the tumor hurts. Today, it hurts less and the swelling on the gum a little less became. And also when pressed hurts already less. But there is discomfort. I look forward to Monday. If I get sick go to the dentist, if not then I do not go.

NiNa Artificial Intelligence (144556) 3 years ago

When sealing the gum line and should be sick. Because the foreign material of the channels comes into contact with the tissues of the gum. Until he gets accustomed, it usually takes 3-4 days. Even the cheek can swell. This is considered the norm. If there is an inflammatory process, then doctors usually prescribe a physical procedure - electrophoresis on the gum with an antibiotic.

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but in general, in any case, it is necessary to him. because such a tumor can easily transform into a cyst and forgive your teeth!

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Nimesil drink 3 days. At nibble can be sick - this is the norm.

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To the dentist it is necessary to appear, you can consult on 32top, you can probably solve the problem at home, they will prompt.

Steve Austin Profi (559) 2 months ago

At me such was, come into shop and buy or purchase "anesthetizing medicine" to me even the doctor spoke that that, can hurt or be ill; be sick for certain time.

Nikolay Poloka Pupil (132) 2 weeks ago

I have a constant problem with gum diseasenear the wisdom tooth, very good propolis tincture of 10 percent, mochaucha in the tincture and apply to the inflamed place, if the quality tincture then the effect will surprise you. In the increase use dry (pure) propolis: put a small piece under the tongue, when propolis is typed into body temperature will become soft as plasticine, then attach a piece of propolis to the tooth next to the inflamed place. The saliva gets on propolis, then together get on the inflamed place, removes a pain and an inflammation.
Much depends on the quality of propolis.

Propolis is harmless and without side effects, except for individual perception of the products of beekeeping. Propolis can be swallowed, it's also useful :).
Propolis is not expensive, 10 grams is enough for a long time!

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Go again to this doctor!