Edema after surgery for rupture of syndesmosis

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Do I need an operation against the rupture of syndesmosis?

Mar 05, 20:23

I ask for your advice and help!

The turning point was 03.02.13. Diagnosed: closed fracture n / 3 of the left fibula, closed fracture of the posterior edge of the left tibia. Have imposed a gypsum.12.02. The gypsum was cut and tied with a bandage. 18.02. The gypsum was transferred, because. sliced. Yesterday 04.03. took a picture without gypsum and said the rupture of syndesmosis and it is necessary to do the operation. The head of the department said, the operation had to be done again 04.02., the gypsum was useless. Those. my pictures and me for a month were watched by several doctors of the municipal polyclinic and only now I saw the head of the department breaking the syndesmosis and recommends the operation. How necessary is this operation. Is there really a rupture of syndesmosis? Is it possible to manage without it? I am sending you the pictures yesterday from 04.03.13. Now I'm in the U-shaped plaster to the knee, before there was a gypsum U shaped short. Can I bend my aching leg now? Do exercises with a painful leg? What?

Re: Do I need an operation against the rupture of syndesmosis?

Mar 07, 1:01 pm

Unfortunately, I did not receive the radiographs;duplicate. On a fracture: If there is a significant subluxation of the foot, or intra-articular displacement caused by a fracture of the posterior margin - this may be an indication for surgical treatment. In itself, the damage to the distal intercellular syndesmosis is one of the components of a joint injury and does not always require surgical treatment. Given the timing of the trauma - the operation is worth doing with a significant bias. With a slight deformation - it is possible to continue conservative treatment.

Re: Do I need an operation against the rupture of syndesmosis?

Mar 07, 2013, 14:44

I add pictures, I ask to analyze and advise whether surgery and recommendations for further treatment are necessary. THANK YOU!
The last picture is from 03/04/2013.

Re: Do I need an operation against the rupture of syndesmosis?

08 Mar 2013, 08:36

There is no subluxation of the foot. In my opinion, it is quite possible to do without surgical treatment.

05 Apr 2013, 08:14

Hello!Earlier I spoke to you about the need for an operation to rupture syndesmosis. I was persuaded by everyone not to do it and I refused in half. The doctor now agrees that it is correct that they did not have the operation. I was done at 2 months after the fracture of the control shot and finally took a longlet. Yesterday LFK started with an instructor and today a magnet. Still at home I do or make LFK and in the evening a tray or basin with sea salt. The doctor advised a week or two not to step on the leg, I'm still on crutches. It's planned when the magnet is over and I have a massage from 10.04. both ankles, then they will do electrophoresis with bischofite napkins. Can I already begin to step on my leg? When will it be possible? After crutches do I need and how much on canes? What are my prospects for complete recovery. The edema is slight, but the leg turns blue when lowering.
I shall remind the diagnosis: 03.02. closed fracture n / 3 left m / b and closed fracture of the back of the b / b bone. These pictures are from 04.04.13 yesterday.
THANK YOU for your answers and attention.

Re: Do I need an operation against the rupture of syndesmosis?

Apr 07, 2013, 12:15 pm

In this and the terms the gradual dosed load onfoot is quite possible. you need to focus on your feelings, + fixing the joint with an orthesis bandage when walking on the street. LFK, FTL, massage, vascular training - all this until the restoration of the function of the joint.

Apr 25, 2013, 1:39 pm

I'm 03.04. after the picture was taken off the langete, I today went 10 magnet, 15 exercise therapy, 10 massage, including. 3 cryo-massage, 3 amplipulse. House also exercise therapy, baths with sea salt, already 2 months. I drink kaltsemin advans.Na today I go without anything, on the street with a trosti.Hozhu not mnogo.Posle walking joint and above about 6cm swells in a thickness of 2cm. Accompanied by pain. A couple of days, the pain keeps and in rest. Oprahlivaniya appeared at LFK.Vozmozhno I have post-traumatic arthrosis? What poprinimat addition teraflex, etc.? Maybe injections alflutope? Is it useful to do paraffin wax + ozocerite? Physician-physiotherapist gave 10 days for a break in the procedures, then 10 electrophoresis with bischofitnymi napkins. What else can I do to avoid pain, swelling and posttraumatic arthrosis? At reception 02.05., I am still on the sick leave.

Re: Do I need an operation against the rupture of syndesmosis?

Apr 25, 2013, 14:06

With persistent edema it is useful to usevenous jersey (stockings, or knee socks). Perform ultrasound of vessels of the lower extremities, for the exclusion of thromboses, vascular drugs as needed. In terms of ankle joint - continue exercise therapy, FTL, you can walk with additional fixation of the joint with an orthesis bandage. In normal flow dynamics should be positive.

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