Edema after flud on the mucous cheek

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Treatment genyantritis in 3 days. Sinusitis (maxillary sinusitis) - inflammation of the maxillary (maxillary) sinus. Sinusitis usually occurs as a complication against the background of the ongoing viral infection (ARVI) as a result of the failure of immunological protection and the violation of ventilation and drainage function of the anastomosis. When edema the mucous membrane of the anastomosis is closed,the outflow of mucus from sinuses is broken, the access of oxygen stops, as a result of which bacterial (sometimes fungal) flora begins to develop in the sinuses and inflammation that may be purulent, serous, hemorrhagic, etc. Occasionally (in 10% of cases) sinusitis develops as a result of the transition of inflammation from the roots of molars, located near the maxillary sinus. In these cases sinusitis proceeds in an erased form for a fairly long time. Summing up what has been said, the main reason genyantritis is an. Violation of the outflow of mucus from the sinuses (as a result edema anastomosis). SYMPTOMS HAIMORITA Symptoms genyantritis. One of the most characteristic indicators of what you have is sinusitis - this (so-called) pulling pain, which occurs when the head is tilted forward - down. Often there is swelling of the cheek on the affected side, and sometimes edema the lower eyelid. TREATMENT HAIMORITA In the arsenal of ENT - a doctor there are many ways to treat genyantritis. Interfere edema and overlapping of the sinus anastomosis. TREATMENT HAIMORITA FOR 3 DAYS The first thing that people do when they realize that they have sinusitis - begin to look for alternative ways of treatmentdisease. Others, which I dared to try, caused an allergic reaction, and thereby worsened the situation even more, because as a consequence of their application, there was an even greater edema the nasal mucosa.