After a tick bite, itching and swelling

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The state of health is normal. But the place of the bite under the arm is constantly itchy and the swelling with the redness then appears, then disappears. We have quite a few cases of borelliosis.
She was already in the infectious department. An antibiotic was prescribed for Unidox.
Should I take the blood for testing?

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The blood will have to be sent to the regional center, since we do not check it for borelliosis, the doctor told me that it's necessary to give blood if there are any symptoms and the temperature will rise.

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If there was a proboscis from the tick, then the wound would have been fester for a long time and he would have come out!

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one had to go to the doctors
The tick bites heal for a very long time, they contain a lot of contagion
probably it is necessary and to open a place of a sting, and can be and ointment what you will get off, go to an out-patient department do not be excruciated

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it's not borelliosis and not encephalitis, we would not have communicated here
Inoculations need to be done on time, since you have it full, but they are heavy, but it's better than stretching the legs

the wound is still infected, contact other doctors if these can not help

Tatjana Zaika Oracle (82089) 4 years ago

you're lucky that you are still alive.

anton Pupil (96) 4 years ago

There is still a part of it under the skin

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stupid question
from you will be lost, if the blood is passed
Well then, sit and wait for what will be

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probably part of his jaw?

>> SLS << Orakul (54143) 4 years ago

Who removed the tick. You did not pick up the infection, for a year it would already have appeared, though. And most importantly, if the mite was tattered or incorrectly removed, the proboscis remained in the wound, it is overgrown in soft tissues, and will now be constantly inflamed until it rotates! From here and inflammation and itching! Need to inspect the bitten place SURGEON! Antibiotics, only for a while will remove the inflammation and itching (while maiming all the other organs of the body).

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Well approximately so, only an inflammation it too from an infection, only from another =)

>> SLS << Oracle (54143) I agree!

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Listen to me the same problem. Two years ago, in the opposite direction of the column, the tick sucked in. Well, I tore it off and now it's been brushing up these two years all the time there is such reddening and swelling of the ugly I was digging around when I did not find any proboscis. What is the problem? Can grease or prizhech than tell me something?

>> SLS << Oracle (54143) Survey of the surgeon. on another way or as if there is swelling, then there is a foreign body and inflammation. a foreign body is removed by the surgeon!