Bite of midges how to remove swelling of the photo

Prevalence of midges around the globeso wide that this kind of insects does not live only in Antarctica. Therefore, so many people are daily attacked by them. It would seem that the millimeter-sized insect can make a bad man a massive man. But the whole difficulty lies in the venom of their saliva in relation to the tissues of the human body. Each of the subspecies of Simuliidae has a different toxicity, causing a variety of pathological abnormalities.

The common scientific name for the body's reactions to mosquito bites is simulotoxicosis.

Features of the circumstances of their receipt are:

The highest probability of attack of midges is possible in hot summer months;

The inbreeding of these insects is mainly in coastal regions near flowing reservoirs and forested areas;

Attacks are possible in the daytime and in the morning. In the evening and at night they sleep;

Moss wait for their victims on the stems of tall grasses and always attack massively.

These data must be taken into account for the purpose ofprevention of bites of most insects of a particular species when planning active rest or staying in natural natural and field conditions.

The attacks of Simuli do not take longto wait. Although in some situations a person may not even understand what happened to him without seeing and not feeling what he was exposed to. This is due to the exceptional aggressiveness of the majority of representatives of midges. They attack so quickly that the skin receptors do not have time to fix the irritation. When it hits the surface of the skin, the midge instantly gnaws out some of its surface layers, lubricating the wound surface with saliva (the main difference from mosquitoes). She, performing the role of an anesthetic, allows the insect to remain undetected for some time. If the moment of bite was not felt, the mosquito sucks blood and lymph from the wound surface, which is necessary for its life cycle and reproduction of offspring.

Allergy to bite flies

At the heart of such an allergy lies the contents of the salivaryglands of an insect, which is represented by hemolysing and allergenic substances. There is a regularity - the more painful a bite, the stronger the reaction to it. It consists of manifestations, which are very clearly displayed in the table.

Systemic (intravenous, intramuscular, tableted) administration of antihistamines - tavegil, loratadine, claritine, L-cet, diazolin;

Therapy with glucocorticoids: methylprednisolone, hydrocortisone, dexamethasone;

Antidiarrheals (L-lysine escinate, mannitol, furosemide;

The volume of measures aimed at reducingedema, depends on the intensity and rate of its growth. In most cases, it is necessary to deal with local swelling, which can be easily eliminated under the action of the above local events. But in the case of lightening its growth according to the type of anaphylactic allergic reaction with spreading to the neck and respiratory organs, a direct threat to human life arises. The response must be immediate. Such patients are provided with free air access and transported as soon as possible to the nearest medical institution. Fortunately, this happens rarely when biting midges.

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What to do, than to treat the midge bite?

Very often, multiple bite bites becomethe real problem is not only with respect to unpleasant symptoms, but also stability on the way to its elimination. In most cases, bite marks worried patients for a long time (2-3 weeks). This is especially true if you do not take any action on this or restrict yourself to only some of the necessary. The approach should be comprehensive, aimed at blocking all links in the pathogenesis of the disease. This is the only way to prevent possible complications.

In the typical course of the wound process for biteSimuli sequence of changes looks like this: bite - rashes - itching - scratching - infection of the skin - formation of a wound with inflammation of the surrounding cover. The same clear sequence of measures should be connected to the medical process, corresponding to pathological changes. The volume of necessary actions, depending on the stage of the process, is presented in the form of a table.

Moss are afraid of menthol, mint, eucalyptus. You can make a talker: 2 drops of oil on a glass of water, shake thoroughly, and into a spray gun. You can spray yourself, clothes, the space around you. First, the oils are useful for humans, and secondly, no midge will fly.
If there are no oils, you can pick a simple mint, and tear the leaves around you, you can put it on the table. Too effective.

Damn, I once bitten a midge in the woods neareyes, so the face is so diluted, fear of God. And the bite was so strong that I thought it was a bee. But the midge, it turns out, is worse than a bee. I did not apply anything to the place of bite, I simply did not know about all these remedies, everything went on in four days. But the midges are now afraid, these little bloodsuckers.

I'm allergic to this stuff, if the midgegushes, I develop a terrible red swelling, which is unbearably itching. This accursed midge tends to bite in the face and neck, in the most delicate parts of the body. I bite the places of bites with sea buckthorn oil or tea tree oil - then he quickly heals.

I squeeze the liquid out of the wound with blood and salivate it. The itch passes through. Violet conditions without medicines and herbs

Many thanks for the useful information. I hope that lotions of chlorhexidine will help the child. At us on the first bites terrible edemas and an itch are formed, and then, apparently, the organism adapts and on the following bites such sharp reaction is not present.

We went to rest on the island of Hainan. It has been almost 2 months still does not pass through the itch of the midges. What is interesting gnats only bitten me and my wife. And our twins for 5 years did not touch them at all. They bite only on the beach. Let's try to use your recommendations. Thank you.

A. Hainan. really bite selectively. I do not bite at all, but my wife is all bitten. The itch is impossible, the 3rd night can not sleep properly. Now we turn to folk medicine, let's see what will come of it. And there are no dandelions and plantain.
Kamal, but what did you save?