Angioedema, what is this treatment?

What is Quincke's Edema?

Edema Quincke (synonymous nameangioedema) is an allergic reaction of the body, the leading signs of which are swelling of the tissues of the face and trunk, less often of the internal organs. Theoretically, any person can arise, however, in practice, allergies, young women and children are more likely to suffer from it.

  • Acute allergy to medicinal products - 80% of cases of angioedema.
  • The reaction of the body to contact with the allergen, which can be food and their components, pollen, wool and feathers of animals and birds, poison or saliva of insects, household dust.
  • Helminthiasis is a common cause of the development of Quincke's edema in children.
  • Diseases of the blood and oncological diseases.
  • Pseudoallergic reactions of the body - for example, due to violations of the digestive tract or other somatic diseases.

Hereditary angioedema, edema, rare genetic disease, withwhich suppresses the destruction of substances that provoke edema. In this case, swelling develops faster, more pronounced, and the trigger mechanism for their occurrence may be trauma, nervous shock, transferred infectious diseases, and in some cases - minor chemical or temperature effects.

Approximately 30% of cases of diagnosed edema of Quincke are classified as idiopathic, when it is impossible to establish the root cause of the disease.