How to relieve swelling with trophic ulcers

I just want to ask - is it about you? The fact is that at a young age such manifestations of lymphedema are not very characteristic. If the situation is directly related to you, I can assume that there is a gross congenital pathology of the lymphatic link - but such patients, as a rule, are observed from childhood in a specialized clinic. If you answer the question without regard to age - the treatment of lymphedema in most cases is conservative. The first - it is necessary to achieve healing of trophic skin ulcers, arresting the phenomena of dermatitis. The second is to improve lymph flow, reduce lymphatic edema. Local therapy is used (bandages using special wound multi-layer dressings) and a method called "complex lymphedema therapy" - hardware and manual lymph drainage massage, banding of the lower extremities with special bandages of low degree of extensibility, local therapy, drug therapy (drugs that improve blood and lymph drainage , improving microcirculation, reducing inflammation and increasing immune status). In any case, such treatment is carried out in the conditions of a specialized clinic (outpatient). The average course of therapy takes about 1-2 months.

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