How to remove foot swelling after an injury

Surgeon-phlebologist-lymphologist, surgeon of the first category

In January there was a fracture of the calyx. almost 1.5 months the leg was in plaster. muscles and tendons are both wooden, and the foot is edematous. now my knee bends a little, I do not walk with my feet without a crutch, I can hardly move my healthy leg. tell me how to remove puffiness at home and what to do with the muscles of the injured leg? Thank you.

Svetlana, Ukraine, 52 years old

In occasion of an edema as the doctor phlebologist I can to youadvise to do a duplex scan of veins. Often the pathology of the vessels interferes with the recovery of the leg after trauma. And on all other questions the doctor of the traumatologist will answer more qualitatively. Muscles require therapeutic exercise and massages. But they can be recommended only with the exclusion of deep vein thrombosis.

Sincerely, Elena Belyanina.

Hello, Elena Olegovna! I had postpartum thrombosis six months ago. Today I went to see a doctor, a thrombus already →

03/26/2013 | Ирина, 29 years old

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Svetlana as of July 31, 2016 22:00
Hello! My name is Svetlana...I'm running in the evenings, so I decided to make a load on my legs, took a weight in the hands of 1kg and ran ... in the morning my ankles swelled and it hurt to tread on the heels, I walked on my socks and hurt my ankles, what can I do, what should I do, tell me please. .