How to remove the swelling of the foot with arthrosis

For oral administration: to relieve inflammation, and eliminate salt deposits

• Marsh sweeper:
take a pharmacy tincture of a saber orprepare it yourself: 50 grams of rhizome sabelnik (pharmaceutical packaging), pour 0.5 liters of vodka, insist 2-3 weeks in a dark but not cold place. Periodically shaking the vessel with the mixture, strain and wring out the raw materials. Take 1 tbsp. spoon the tincture in 1/4 cup water. This on the counter you can still do rubbing at night.

• Sunflower root:
1 cup dried powdered sunflower rootspour 3 liters of water and boil for 3 minutes, insist an hour, strain. Infusion store in the refrigerator and drink 1 glass 3-4 times a day half an hour after a meal. Then the same roots again pour 3 liters of water and boil for 5 minutes, insist an hour, strain. Infusion again, drink 1 glass 3-4 times a day. Last time, pour 3 liters of water, boil 10 minutes, repeat all actions.

• Willow white: 2 hours Spoons of crushed small twigs of willow white (can be collected in winter) pour 2 cups of boiling water, keep on low heat for 5-7 minutes, insist in a thermos for 3-4 hours, strain and add boiled water to the original volume. Take 1/4 cup of broth 3-4 times a day for half an hour before meals.

• Lilac: fill the shredded lilac kidney with a jar of 2/3 of volume, pour vodka to the neck, insist 2 weeks in a dark but not cold place, shaking the jar regularly, strain. Take 1 tsp tincture in 1/4 cup water 2 times a day after meals and rub the infusion with sick joints at night.
The lilac is poisonous, so accurately observe the dosage!
During treatment, acute, sour dishes, pickles and smoked products are contraindicated. Food should be predominantly milky and vegetable, otherwise there will be no effect.

For external use: to anesthetize and remove puffiness

• Pharmacy Bischofite. Preheat the foot in a basin with hot water, and the hip or knee joints with a warmer for 5-7 minutes, then wipe the skin dry. With light movements, rub a little solution into the skin, apply a piece of gauze moistened in the same solution, then cover with a plastic wrap, with a warm scarf on top. Procedure do for the night. In the morning, remove the compress, wash the skin thoroughly with warm water, wipe dry with a soft cloth. Do in a day, the course is 8-10 procedures.

■ Do not compress at multiple joints at the same time!
■ Use is contraindicated in case of skin irritations and scratches.

• Fir oil: Warm the sick joint with a warmer or a packet of heated sea salt. Rub it with fir oil, then wrap it with a warm woolen shawl or scarf.
• Cones of hops: rub 2 tbsp. spoons of dry hop cones with 50 grams of pharmacy vaseline. Rub for the night sick joints, then wrap them with warm scarves or scarves.
• Cabbage leaves: wrap the joint overnight with a leaf of cabbage, top with cellophane and woolen shawl. Hold 3-4 hours or compress at night.
• Horseradish: freshly grinded horseradish gruel is spread on a dense fabric and put on a diseased joint, top with cellophane, fix with a bandage. Procedure do for the night.
• Garden radish: freshly ground radish black radish, place on a dense fabric, then put on a sick joint, cover with cellophane, fix with a bandage. Procedure do for the night.
• Turnip greens: boil turnip root until soft, put turnip pulp on a dense fabric and apply to a sick joint for the night. Cover with a plastic wrap and a warm kerchief.
• Poplar black, kidney: 1 part kidney mash with 4 parts of lard (in its absence can be replaced melted butter) by weight, store in refrigerator. Rinse the aching joints at night.