Edema at the nape and near the ear

Such a problem can arise as a result ofwearing earrings that you do not fit the size or material of which they are made. Inflammation of ear lobes provokes not only wearing earrings. More likely the disease in case of an incorrect puncture of the ear, which can also cause an inflammatory process. How to reduce the danger of infection to all jewelry lovers, read on in the article.

Symptoms of inflammation of ear lobes

Every time you insert into the earlobeEarring, you, by the same token, open access to bacteria that live on your skin. If you see that the skin of the ear lobe near the earring has turned red, swollen, it is covered with a scab, or if liquid is pouring out of it, it means that an infection has occurred there. Inflammation of loose fiber occurs with a slight redness in the place where the earring is located. Then, spread across the entire lobe, up the scalp, along the back of the neck, into the ear canal.

When should I see a doctor? If symptoms of inflammation do not go away in a few days, you should definitely consult a doctor. There is no high probability that the infection will have any serious consequences, however, inflammation of loose fiber may occur, as well as creeping infection under the skin.

How to treat at home inflammation of the earlobe?

If you notice the first symptoms of the disease, you needremove earrings. After you remove the earrings, you need to wash the site of infection with water and soap, - this will lead to the fact that the redness and swelling will pass by yourself.

What to do if there is inflammation?

If you want the pierced ear to heal likeas soon as possible, and ear lobe was not affected by inflammation, it is necessary to wipe it with disinfectant solutions. You can use hydrogen peroxide or ordinary medical alcohol. Chlorhexidine or Furacilin is also suitable for this purpose. If there are no symptoms of inflammation, wipe the earlobe twice daily for 2-3 weeks.

Even if you carefully looked after the ear lobeafter piercing, it can still become inflamed. In this case, you will see redness, swelling on the ear. In this case, you will need to change the disinfectant solution, and also increase the amount of rubbing up to five times a day.

It should be noted that removing the earring from the ear with inflammation is not recommended, since the wound will last and the infection will pass, but you will not be able to put the earring back in you.

If you notice an abscess in the wound, it's time to take antibacterial ointment. Do not forget to wash your hands before the procedure, otherwise the situation may become more complicated.

If the proposed activities do not help, youit is necessary to see a doctor. He will be able to establish the cause of the disease. If you have an allergic reaction to the metal from which the earrings are made, then you can simply change the decoration. If you change earrings, and the inflammation does not pass, then you, most likely, will have to completely abandon their wearing.

If the inflammation of the ear lobe has occurred throughsome time after piercing, then you need to perform the same sequence of actions. The only difference is that in this case you can remove ear rings for a while, since the wound can not last.

Prevention of inflammatory diseases of the ear lobe

If you decide to pierce your ears, you should understand,that this procedure can lead to infection there. Fortunately, there are drugs that can help avoid this unpleasant phenomenon.

To avoid the spread of infection, the earsmust pierce the appropriate specialist, and do it properly. It is best to contact a dermatologist who pierces his ears with a special "pistol" - a device piercing his ears with sterilized earrings. When a doctor uses a special device in combination with appropriate techniques, the risk of infection is significantly reduced.

How to reduce the likelihood of inflammation during puncture?

Keep your ears clean. Just pierced ears should be washed with hydrogen peroxide twice a day, then apply an antibiotic ointment on the ear lobes. This should be done two to three days after piercing, and then you can wash your ears with water and soap.

Earrings should be made of gold. It is better to wear earrings made of pure materials that do not contain any impurities, for example, gold or silver. It is worth noting that in inexpensive earrings contains nickel, to which many people are sensitive. Allergy to this metal can cause the development of infection.

We hope that the recommendations we proposedwill allow you to avoid ear lobe inflammation. If it does, you can easily cope with it. The main thing is to remember that if the inflammation in the ear lobe does not go away after performing this sequence of actions, you should definitely consult a doctor - only it will help you to establish the true cause of this unpleasant phenomenon.

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