Cardio vorton jelly edema 39 weeks

Please comment on the results of ultrasound.

We take a period. 38 weeks 5 days
Visualization satisfactory
There is one living fetus in the head preposition
Sex Of The Well
Position I, item type

BPR 95 mm
OD 337 mm 38 weeks
Coolant 341 mm 38-39 weeks
DB 77 mm 39-40 weeks
YaB 5.1

Anatomy of the fetus N
PMP 3560
No signs of fetal hypotrophy were detected

The placenta is located on the front
The thickness of the placenta is reduced to 25-30 mm
Degree of maturity 2
Structure of the placenta: with calcinates in the bases. membrane.
Amount of amniotic fluid: moderate water retention

The umbilical cord has 3 vessels
Swelling of the varton jelly

Artery of umbilical cord 1,88
Avg. cerebral artery 4.0
Matov. right artery 1,63
Matov. artery to the left 1,8

The conclusion.
Endured pregnancy. Head previa. VUI (?). Malodode. FPN. Hypoplasia of the placenta.</ i>
(there are still 2 illegible phrases, I'll post a scan later)

Are there any signs of FPN, VUI?
(as therapy FPN appointed nicotinic acid)