After how much the edema subsides after rhinoplasty

Postoperative period, which followsprocedure of nose correction, characterized by numbness and swelling of the nose. This is an absolutely natural reaction of the body to surgical intervention. After 1-3 weeks after rhinoplasty was performed, swelling and bruising mostly pass. Explainable discomfort in the form of pain, inability to breathe through the nose - also temporary.

Rhinoplasty: a period of rehabilitation. Main stages

Be prepared for the fact that after rhinoplasty the period of rehabilitation rehabilitation takes some time. Besides,

  • The first 2-4 days are possible weakness and a small temperature
  • While there are tampons (up to three days), you will have to breathe through your mouth
  • 7-10 days will need to wear a plaster bandage and sleep on the back
  • after rhinoplasty, postoperative edema is partially transmitted within 7-14 days, complete relief from signs of puffiness may occur somewhat later
  • term postoperative rehabilitation depends on the nature of correction and individual characteristics of the patient and lasts, on average, 10-14 days
  • the preliminary result of the operation can be estimated in six months, the final result in a year.

After rhinoplasty is done, recovery will happen much faster if you follow simple rules. Here they are:

  • often rest with a raised head, avoid slopes
  • try not to blow your nose in the first two weeks, otherwise bleeding is possible
  • after rhinoplasty in the first weeks of the rehabilitation period, you can not wear glasses (especially in heavy frames), they can be replaced with contact lenses
  • exclude for a time too hot or cold food
  • refrain from smoking, this significantly reduces the healing process
  • do not take hot baths
  • postpone air travel
  • delay with sports.

Doctors of our clinic remind their patients:

  • After the surgical procedure of rhinoplasty, the postoperative period does not involve any significant nasal bleeding. If this occurs, it is necessary to inform the attending physician about it.
  • Any questions related to the protractedmalaise after rhinoplasty, slowly receding edema, fever, do not hesitate to ask your doctor. Be with him constantly in touch, it will help to solve all problems in a timely manner.
  • After rhinoplasty during the rehabilitation period, scheduled inspections and prescribed procedures should be followed in accordance with the prescription of the doctor.