After how much the edema subsides after the operation

Increasing mammoplasty. Questions and Answers (Safonova LN)

QUESTION: Through how much after childbirth it is possible to increase a breast if there was no feeding.

ANSWER: There is no single scheme. In each case, the answer is given by a mammologist. Earlier than six months after childbirth, it's no use talking to a plastic surgeon - any doctor respecting the medical science will refuse. One of the typical signs is the allocation of colostrum, if it stopped in a significant amount, then, as a rule, one can prepare for an operation.

QUESTION: Through how much after the end of feeding, you can increase the chest.

ANSWER to this question see above - similarly. In general, I want to note that the need to consult a mammologist before mammoplasty is not a dogma, but a sensible recommendation. The law does not oblige the plastic surgeon to require the conclusion of a mammologist before magnifying mammoplasty. If mammoplasty is performed correctly, then the iron is slightly injured, at least, the integrity of its own shell should not be violated. As you know, the implant bed is formed in space behind the gland. After surgery, the mammary glands undergo a reactive edema. Against the backdrop of postpartum processes, this can lead to squeezing of the milk ducts and, in the presence of secretion (colostrum, milk), the formation of cystic dilations of the ducts - the fluid is released, but does not flow and stretches the tissues around.

But even if we are not talking about recent lactation,consultation mammologist is still advisable. Sometimes it happens that some relatively safe neoplasm in the mammary gland requires little surgical intervention. Since the implant is behind the mammary gland, for the operation mammologists will require it to be removed for fear of damage to the instrument. It will be insulting to learn about the presence of such a neoplasm soon after the advanced mammoplasty. It is necessary to look around to. The question arises: no one is immune from the appearance of such formations and after the operation. It must be said that these formations appear and grow very slowly, so that if nothing is discovered before the operation, the risk of parting with the implant in the early period after increasing mammoplasty tends to zero. Regrettably, no one can guarantee the distant terms. Guaranteed only lifetime life of some implants. A state of health over time can vary, and no matter whether there was an increase in mammary glands or not.

QUESTION: After how much after increasing mammoplasty, you can drive a car.

ANSWER: It is possible in three days, provided the power steering is available. Almost on average, patients start driving (if they were driving earlier) in five to ten days.

QUESTION: After how much after increasing mammoplasty, you can have sex.

ANSWER: In four weeks. In earlier terms, it is not necessary to have an intimate affinity in any manifestation, because even if the risk of mechanical trauma is excluded, sexual experiences lead to a flow of blood to the mammary glands. This, in turn, can lead to increased edema as the least evil. Just like the extreme degree of adverse effects, it is possible to release blood or lymph around the implant, up to the formation of a hematoma.

QUESTION: After how much after increasing mammoplasty, you can buy linen.

ANSWER: It is sensible to buy underwear, so that it is worn, two months after mammoplasty. Until then, swelling can be quite pronounced, and the shape of the mammary glands may differ from what will be in the end. The bra can be the same size, and the shape of the cups will change. Earlier than two months after the operation, it is difficult to find clothes at all.

QUESTION: Through how much after carrying out an increasing mammoplasty it is possible to put on linen with bones.

ANSWER: Linen with bones can be dressed right away after mammoplasty, but it will be painful because of the swelling around the gland. As soon as such a bra "sits down", wear on health. According to my observations, this occurs not earlier than two months after the operation.

QUESTION: After how much after an increasing mammoplasty, you can go in for sports.

ANSWER: Four weeks after the operation in the bra.

QUESTION: After how much after increasing mammoplasty, you can sunbathe and visit the sauna / sauna.

ANSWER: Sunbathing can be done, if there are no bruises on the skin, at least the next day. Wounds must be closed, so that the scars formed are not pigmented. If sunbathing is associated with warming, it is allowed four weeks after the operation, as well as any other thermal procedures.

The bathhouse is also allowed a month later. By the way, contrast procedures after one month after the operation have a positive effect on blood and lymph circulation, which leads to a reduction in edema. The maturation of the result does not reduce this, but the process will be less unpleasant (meaning, unpleasant in terms of edema).

QUESTION: Through how much after carrying out increasing mammoplasty it is possible to sleep on a side and on a stomach or belly.

ANSWER: When it will be convenient. On average, in two to three weeks. Someone is already asleep on the fifth day.

QUESTION: Through how much after carrying out an increasing mammoplasty, the breast will become "as its own."

ANSWER: The adaptation process in the central nervous system lasts for the phases: seven days of excitement and fourteen days of inhibition, in a total of three weeks. This applies to any morphological changes in the body, such as tooth extraction, wearing of prostheses, etc.

As for the timing of the return of softnessbreast, then you need to say that after increasing mammoplasty under the word "breast" most patients understand complex = breast + implant. The mammary glands after surgery are tight due to swelling, as are any other tissues. For example, the tip of the nose is also tight after rhinoplasty, is not it? When the pronounced edema disappears, the gland becomes soft. So, it happens in two or two and a half months.

But regarding the softness of the implant, thisI will not give a definite answer. Firstly, the consistency of different implant models is different, the gel can be of varying degrees of density (cohesiveness). I recommend before the operation to hold a sample of what will be put in their hands in order to have an idea of ​​what consistency is to be expected. Secondly, squeezing the implant capsule simulates its density. In the period from the second to the fourth month after the operation, this is a natural phenomenon. During this period, the capsule is compacted by twisting the fibers and due to plethora. This process is accompanied by a decrease in the size of the capsule and a thickening of its walls. Similarity of this phenomenon we can observe on the scars on the skin. Density goes away when the capsule becomes an implant in size, this is usually the fourth to fifth month. This is the average time (as the average temperature in the hospital) and this, if everything is normal. For the formation of a satisfactory capsule quality, massage and therapeutic gymnastics are invaluable.

Of all the implants I used,The softest is McGhan Style 110 & 120, so these implants require the most scrupulous attitude and careful care in the postoperative period (massage and therapeutic gymnastics). In general, the more dense the implant is, the more resistant it is to contracting the surrounding capsule, i. E. it is more difficult for him to squeeze and deform. That's why many plastic surgeons prefer implants with highly cohesive contents - less chance of getting corrections from Mother Nature in the postoperative period.

QUESTION: Through how much after the increasing mammoplasty can begin to form capsular contracture.

ANSWER: Contracture is a phenomenon when the capsule is small in size for the implant. The capsule is formed from blood, which during the operation and in the first days after the operation is released into the implant bed. Blood consists of cells and plasma (a suspension of proteins). Different blood cells perform different functions. There are also building cells. They bind the protein molecules into chains, forming fibers. Day after day, these fibers are deposited on the surface of the implant, like filaments on a tangle, immuring it. By the second month after the operation, the fibers begin to twist in a spiral. Macroscopically, their shortening occurs and, as a consequence, contraction of the implant. To prevent compression, all means are aimed at creating a primary matrix of a larger capsule. Primarily this is facilitated by the rough surface of the implant, it has a large area and shortening of the fibers simply "presses" the villi. Massage, which shows the doctor a month after the operation, is not less important. It is natural that the softer the implant, the more attention it requires after the operation, i.e. massage will have to be done diligently.

QUESTION: After how many years it is necessary to change implants.

ANSWER: Most modern implants have a lifetime guarantee, documented for each patient (the certificate is included in the medical history). By the way, do you know why implants can become worthless? After all, in the body of them nothing pricks and does not cut. The implant shell experiences the main load in the form of flexion / extension during respiratory chest excursions. With multiple bending, any material bursts. Many modern shell models were tested on special stands during their development, and they can transfer the number of flexions / extensions corresponding to the number of inhalations / expirations that a person would have committed over a lifetime of three hundred years.

QUESTION: After how much after increasing mammoplasty, you can "no longer worry".

ANSWER: If you do not go into casuistry, after the clarification of postoperative scars the process can be considered complete.

QUESTION: Through how much after carrying out increasing mammoplasty it is possible to give birth.

ANSWER: If it is a planned pregnancy, then before the maturation of the capsule ends, it is not advisable - iron will swell more. If the patient became pregnant accidentally, the previous increased mammoplasty should not be the reason for the interruption, unless anesthesia and antibiotic therapy occurred in the early period of pregnancy.

QUESTION: Can I feed after an increased mammoplasty.

ANSWER: Definitely - yes. The implant should be located behind the mammary gland, without violating its function.