How much the edema keeps after removal of gypsum

Tumor after removal of gypsum - so often called puffiness, which keepson the foot for some time after removing the gypsum. In order to remove puffiness and restore proper movements to the limbs, rehabilitation measures such as exercise therapy (physical exercises, for example, exercises after hip fracture), massage, physiotherapy (electrophoresis, paraffin), water procedures (baths with salt water) are carried out.

I must say that the fight against edema should not be fought fanatically, because overloads in this case can be badly damaged, and sometimes they lead to a new trauma.

When prescribing recovery procedures,pay attention to their consistency. Often one procedure is preparation for the next one and done one after another with a short time break.

For example, paraffin wax works well with subsequent electrophoresis. There are other combinations - electrophoresis after massage, ultrasound after paraffin, electrostimulation after massage.

Physicians in the planning of rehabilitation, take into accountthe following rule: after the first session in restorative gymnastics, procedures of local action (massage, electrostimulation) are prescribed. After the following loads, you can prescribe general strengthening procedures - hydromassage, baths, sauna, general massage.

In the winter, do not forget thatThe lack of sunlight and vitamin D in the body must be filled with ultraviolet radiation (UV). This procedure increases immunity, a person reduces susceptibility to disease, improves the absorption of food and vitamins.

The use of gels and ointments

After fractures, many differentgels, ointments and creams. They have two directions. The first - cooling, the second - warming (Nikofleks, Finalgon). For the removal of edema, just gels and ointments that cool are suitable - Lyoton-1000, Troxevasin.

Tumescences are lubricated 2-3 times a day with these gels.

The tumor after the removal of gypsum also passes faster if you wear a compression knitwear or bandage the place of fracture with an elastic bandage.