How long does the swelling pass

Girl_Takaya_Rastakaya The Thinker (5776), is closed 1 year ago

earlier at me it was not in general. by the way, this winter, she ate a banana + strawberry ice cream and at night felt that her upper lip had become huge and puffy. went to the mirror and my fears were confirmed. then this edema began to appear and swell on his heels, on the palm of his hands, why so? I drink claretin. just recently she ate a banana and performed again this edema next to the thumb on her arm. tell me please dies of it?

♍Galina Zhigunova♍ Supreme mind (551711) 1 year ago

It all depends on where it is located. For example, the swelling of the Quincke of the larynx will be instant death from suffocation.
Lord, why do you eat bananas again, especially since you already had Quincke's swelling from them, you are now in no case impossible.

And if you do not provide medical care, you can always die quickly from any disease.

Alder Eco Master (1398) 1 year ago

Even you can die from a common cold. Immediately go to the doctor if you do not want to bring yourself to the cemetery.

Lyubov Mihailovna Enlightened (35393) 1 year ago

From the quincke's edema, if not treated, you can die within 24 hours, depending on where it is located. Therefore, you must always consult a doctor.