How to relieve swelling from the lower back

There are several common principles of treating back pain. However, we must remember that every personher lower back, she is unique, like fingerprints. In the world, there are no two people with an identical lower back. Differences in heredity, suffered traumas, the presence of good or bad habits, the shape of shoes, the style of life and work, the weight and even the quality of the mattress on which a person sleeps form an individual feature of the back for everyone. Thus, if there are recommendations for the treatment of low back pain, they will be quite generalized; it is necessary to take into account the specifics of each specific case.

To the lumbar spine are notonly lumbar vertebrae directly, but also gaskets-discs, providing smooth movements in the joints, as well as muscles, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels. If the waist is damaged, there is a combined defeat of all these components. If there is some imbalance (for example, pelvis rotation, one leg shorter than the other, curvature of the spine), then in the lower back there is an area of ​​increased tension, more injured for injuries and injuries.

When the lumbar injure, as a rule, occursMuscle spasm, swelling and inflammation, exciting discs and nerves; so you can experience different kinds of lumbar pain. If the muscles are affected, the pain is stupid, if the nerves are sharp pains.

For the treatment of low back pain it is necessary to finda specialist who can help you solve your questions in the best possible way. Most likely, he will recommend taking X-rays to assess the severity of the lesion, find areas of increased sensitivity and soreness, identify spasms and areas of reduced flexibility, and check the length of the legs.

Distinguish periods of the course of the disease: acute, recovery (rehabilitation), the period of remission.

In the acute period It is necessary to do everything possible so that as much as possiblefaster to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Remember that 99.9% of all problems with the lower back does not require surgical treatment. The solution of the issue will be to rehabilitate after an acute period and only if you know the reason and are ready to do whatever is necessary. Restoration should be postponed until the pain and swelling significantly decrease.

As the treatment of the waist, rest is applied,Anti-inflammatory drugs, special fixing therapeutic hard corset or girdle. As a rule, the acute period lasts no more than 1-2 weeks. Also at this stage of lumbar treatment, it is justified to use muscle relaxants to relax muscles that are spasmodic (in a tonus) and can also cause pain.

It is extremely important, from a psychological point of viewLeave this period as quickly as possible, since the intervertebral disc may suffer. We must try to move as quickly as possible to the stage of rehabilitation - more active and less painful. Do not go to work for 1 to 2 weeks, stay at home, avoid active sex.

At the second stage they start graduallyrecovery program. Unfortunately, you can not do without it if you want to avoid exacerbations in the future. The most important task of this stage is to reduce the likelihood of exacerbations and move to active life in accordance with your lifestyle and desires. But for this you need to try a little. Start with exercises for the back, at least from 10 minutes several times a day. Gradually increase the level of activity. Do not be afraid that pain can return. During this time there will be a gradual improvement, you can gradually increase the workload, which is a necessary step to improve. Try to give up bad habits. Listen to your back. If you are still experiencing discomfort, it is better to go back one step. Remember that it takes time to improve.

Now that the back exercises are indaily need, all good attachments are fixed in the brain and contribute to recovery, it is time to increase physical activity. By this period, you can start after 1-2 weeks of classes, as soon as you feel ready for it. This process is gradual, take your time!

After the recovery phase, after 2 months,you can go to the third stage, which is to improve the quality of life. It consists in the transition to the usual rhythm of life, so that you can do whatever you want without fear of pain return.

The main thing, do not be afraid! First, back pain in most cases does not require surgical treatment. Secondly, a combination of anti-inflammatory drugs, including nonsteroidal hormonal drugs and corticosteroids, often help control pain and are an important part of the treatment. And thirdly, back pain is often chronic, they can periodically return. Observance of recommendations and precaution will help to reduce the exacerbation to a minimum.

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