Swelling of the quincke through how much it is manifested

Quincke's edema is a diffuse or suddenly limited edema of the mucous membranes, fasciae and fatty tissue. Otherwise, the edema of Quincke is called "acute angioedema," or "giant urticaria."

This disease occurs in both children andadults, but young people are most exposed, and especially women. Adolescents and the elderly suffer less from this disease. The most dangerous in this disease is that those symptoms that are characteristic of Quincke's disease appear regardless of age, very often lead to such states in which there are possible deaths, if you do not help a person on time urgent help.

Edema Quincke is an actionallergic reactions that contribute to the production of a large amount of histamine mediator. It is he that helps to inflame the circulatory system of man. Medicines edema Quincke is divided into two varieties:

1. Edema is hereditary, it refers to extremely rare genetic diseases;

2. Acquired, the reasons for the development of this type of disease will be given below.

Quincke's edema develops in a very short periodtime (from 60 seconds to 60 minutes). In each individual case, it all depends on the type of pathogen and the characteristics of the organism. In most cases, Quincke manifests itself in a mild form, but there are also more severe cases. In the event that the disease occurs in severe form, then swelling of the throat and tongue appears, and the airways overlap. I think it's clear to everyone that these manifestations can seriously endanger human life.

Know the symptoms. the disease is very serious. Having the necessary information will give you the opportunity to notice the onset of the appearance of edema and cause emergency help. Developing symptoms are not always the same, but basically the following picture can be observed:

- swelling of the skin. The onset of an edema is manifested in an unexpected occurrence on the skin: the face, arms and legs are of slight swelling, usually pink in color.

Edema Quincke in the photo
- In the affected areas there is discomfort, those parts of the body, which shows a swelling of itch, sometimes there may be burning and a painful feeling;

- Sometimes it appears that it is like nettle burns. As a rule, the rash appears in the part of the body where the hair grows. It can be not only the head, but also the hands, and even the legs.

- In extremely rare cases, it can lead to hoarseness, a feeling of sagging in the throat (lump in the throat) and obstruct breathing.

Antigens lead to a strong puffiness,intensive release of biogenic compounds. Also, some food, plant pollen, dust, medicines, some irritating factors of a natural nature may be an allergen: bright sunlight or cold. As you can see, dozens of irritants can be the cause, it is because of this that the edema is very dangerous, not only for children, but also for adults. One of the most common reasons are: powders, air fresheners, etc. It should be noted that the manifestation of the symptoms of the disease (the appearance of edema) may not begin immediately, but after 72 hours.