Edema after leeches behind the ear

Once upon a time, doctors prescribed leeches practicallyany disease. Today hirudotherapy is used only in some medical centers. Are the healing properties of the leeches any longer the same? Or maybe they can not be used on their own? About this we asked the director of the International Center for Medical Leech, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor GI Nikonov.

- Gennady Ivanovich, many people ignorantly consider leeches as unpleasant creatures. But you have been working with them for many years. What can you tell our readers about the protection of leeches?

- All mankind has been a fan of leech since ancient times. Even in the ten centuries BC on the walls of the tombs of ancient Egyptian pharaohs were made murals that demonstrate the treatment of leeches.

In Russia in the XVIII-XIX centuries the leech was an importantarticle of the state treasury's income and in exports occupied a place equal to cereal crops. Doctors put leeches to normalize the pressure, with concussions of the brain, apoplexy strokes (strokes), injuries, with hysteria
They were used and just to strengthenorganism, so put in baths, barbers - it was common. And the noble ladies, going to the ball, for the sake of a special blush and glint in their eyes put leeches behind their ears.

"Why are they so disliked now, afraid?"

- Yes, I know that in our time some people areignorance feel a sense of fear or disgust if a leech suddenly gets attached to the body when swimming in a pond. I note: although all the leeches - hematophagous (that is, they eat only blood), they are far from the same. There is a kind of leeches, called medical. The very name "hirudotherapy" (treatment with leeches) comes from the Latin name of leeches hirudo medicinalis. The medical leech has been listed in the Red Book for a long time already, because as the pollution of nature it practically disappeared and is grown mainly in artificial conditions.

- What is the difference between a medical leech and others?

- Even by behavior, it is different from its wildbrothers who once lived in all the reservoirs. She does not attack anyone and at any place indiscriminately, just to suck in plenty. She sits only on clean and warm skin. At the same time he chooses exclusively biologically active points, through which he acts on the energy meridian, and through it - on internal organs and systems. In general, this is absolutely amazing, subtle and, I would say, a noble, even a magical creature.

"Magical?" What do you have in mind?

- The leeches have very strong bioenergetics. Whoever visits our factory, immediately pays attention to what there is quiet and grace, how easy it is to breathe. It's nice to come to soothe your nerves. For example, it takes me ten minutes to relieve stress, which is not unusual in the daily work of a manager. But the leeches not only create a special aura around themselves - they subtly feel the person present nearby. We know from experience: if young people have a bad weight gain in a new employee, then this person does not like them. And among good, sincere people they grow fast.

- Do you think all the cases are in bioenergetics?

- Of course, such a sensitive perception does not depend ononly from bioenergetics. All the senses in the medical leech are very developed. They have an unusually high temperature sensitivity. All my life (and this is 5-6 years), the leech reacts extremely sharply to sudden temperature fluctuations, as well as to noise and bright light. These creatures have the ability to taste, the slightest touch to them, and, finally, the smell. That's why the leech does not attach to unwashed skin or to a person who smells of alcohol, tobacco, perfume. And it is not accidental that the medical leech serves as an indicator of the state of the environment: when it pollutes water, soil and air, it feels very unwell. And if in this or that body of water this little healer is discovered, the inhabitants of the surrounding area can be assured of ecological well-being.

- They say that leeches hurt bite.

- If you carefully look at the medicalleech, then pay attention to the front sucker, in which the three jaws are hidden. In the jaws - a whole forest of teeth: in each of 90, and only 270! But in fact they are not scary, these tiny chitin incisors, which cut the skin only by 1.5 mm. This does not hurt at all, because simultaneously with the bite, the leech releases painkillers.

Leech enough to pour once in 3-4month, and in extreme conditions it is able to stretch without food and a year. After all, nature gave her a unique reservoir for storing blood - a stomach intestine with ten cavities, a solid muscular sac. Blood from decay protects substances released by a particular microorganism, which lives exclusively in the digestive tract of leeches.

- And how does the leech treat?

- Sucking to the skin, she graduallyincreases in size, because it drinks blood 3-5 times more than its weight. However, people do not fall into a swoon, because to start "bad blood" is a very useful thing. In this case, the blood flow is discharged, the blood is partially renewed, the work of the hematopoietic organs is stimulated, the protective forces of the organism are increased. Unlike harmful bloodsuckers, like mosquitoes, the leech discharges saliva into the bloodstream - a unique balanced complex of biologically active substances.

These substances also have a multi-purpose healing and rejuvenating effect on humans. It is no accident that the leech is called a "pharmaceutical mini-factory".

- In her saliva there is a hirudin enzyme. How is it useful?

- Hirudin - the most studied of enzymes. He prevents the coagulation of blood, and this wonderful property is known from the beginning of the last century. At first, scientists just the action of hirudin explained the ability of the leech to reduce pressure, expand blood vessels, increase immunity. But he is far from being the only one. In fact, saliva contains about a hundred enzymes, many of which have not yet been investigated.

- If we are treated not by the leech itself, but by the enzymes from its saliva, then it is not necessary to put leeches? After all, you can use ready-made preparations with these enzymes.

- The effect of the enzyme complex is only oneof the three factors hirudotherapy. The second important point is that the leech bites the skin only in reflexogenic points, thus activating the energy meridian. And, finally, third, it treats the bite site with substances that prevent blood clotting. Due to this, the wound becomes a continuation of the blood vessel, and the leech can freely suck the blood. That's why, when it disappears from the skin, the flow of blood from the wound still lasts for a long time.

- What are the health benefits of medical leeches?
- First of all, with the most commontoday diseases - cardiovascular, with circulatory disorders. This hypertensive disease, cerebrosclerosis, atherosclerosis, angina pectoris, postinfarction cardiosclerosis, coronary heart disease, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, hemorrhoids. It would seem, it is so painful and uncomfortable to plant a leech on a hemorrhoidal lump. But one who has at least once used this method of treatment, from him does not refuse - so quickly the cones decrease and the pain subsides.

- Is hirudotherapy effective in inflammation of internal organs?

- Yes, when treated with leeches inflammatoryprocesses in the kidneys, liver, gall bladder, uterus and ovaries, the healing effect also comes quickly enough. The temperature decreases, pains decrease and general well-being improves. Inflammation of the joints, arthrosis is also easier to treat if leeches are added to manual and phytotherapy.

- What other diseases can be treated with leeches?

- Since ancient times the application has been testedleeches in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system - neuritis, neuralgia, concussion, paralysis. And modern girudoterapevty use them also with cerebrosclerosis, radicular syndromes, osteochondrosis, myopathy.

Leeches give an effect in the treatment of skin diseases. They treat various dermatoses, toxicoderma, eczema, scleroderma, and sometimes psoriasis. With furunculosis and carbunculosis pain, swelling and redness disappear the next day after leeches are prescribed.

Red lupus, elephant legs too succumb totreatment with leeches. You can also mention infertility, and the fact that leeches increase the level of bioenergetics. It is clear that the range of their use is very wide. Note that hirudotherapy is used both with medicines, and apart.

- Why did the doctors stop using them in mass order at such advantages of leeches?

- The recession of hirudotherapy began with the development ofmedicine, and especially antibiotics. To give the patient a pill turned out to be less burdensome for physicians than to wait until the leeches were delivered, and then to fiddle with the imposition of sterile dressings. Therefore, in mass health care, there is no such kind of therapy. But times change. More and more doctors and the patients themselves began to understand that chemical pharmacy is almost a Trojan horse. Today, according to the World Health Organization, medicinal allergies (and in fact, these are poisonings) in the prevalence ranked fourth in the world among other diseases. Therefore, so much interest in the old, proven, natural methods of treatment, including hirudotherapy.

- Where are they now being treated with leeches?

- Leeches began to be used in manymedical centers. But, unfortunately, the services of specialists-girudoterapevtov there are very expensive. Therefore, I dream that the leech, as before, became one of the means of home treatment, an alternative to expensive services. After all, there are not so many contraindications to this: pregnancy, persistent hypotension, hemophilia, allergy.

- Well, if a person has an allergic reaction?

- There are very rare cases of individualintolerance to leeches. Then the temperature rises and the general allergic reaction with a rhinitis, sneezing, burning in eyes is shown. And around the place where the leech was located, there is swelling, reddening with a diameter of up to 10 cm. Then hirudotherapy should be canceled and, possibly, the patient should be offered medicines based on leeches. Unfortunately, in conditions of poor ecology, the number of people prone to allergies has increased. Therefore such people, before being treated by leeches, should consult a doctor.

Leeches in the service of doctors
• Pulmonologists treat leeches with severe forms of bronchial asthma, complicated pneumonia, "pulmonary heart" and other diseases of the respiratory system.

• Surgeons use hirudotherapy to speed the healing of postoperative sutures. It promotes resorption of colloid scars.

• Ophthalmologists treat leeches with eye diseases. Now in some clinics hirudotherapy is successfully practiced with glaucoma, iridocyclitis, trauma and inflammatory diseases of the eyes, increased intraocular pressure.

• Dentists have recently started using leeches that have already shown themselves well in the treatment of glossalgia, periodontitis, stomatitis, gingivitis, post-reflex pain.