Edema of cheek after tooth implantation

Whichever procedure in the oral cavity you do notdentists have been warning all the time that there may be swelling, even after normal sealing. Therefore, one should not hope that the edema of the cheek after implantation of the tooth or swelling of the gums will be invisible. This is a normal reaction of the body to trauma. And the size of the edema will depend on the individual characteristics of the patient and how experienced the doctor was, whether the procedure was correct.

How long does the edema persist after dental implantation?

Within a few hours after theyou may notice a slight swelling. And this behavior of the body will last more than one day. The process of healing of all damaged tissues can take about a week, while the edema will not subside. The peak of all possible inflammatory processes is the third day after the operation. At the question of the patient, how much the edema keeps after implantation of a teeth, the stomatologist can not give you the exact answer. In his power only to give advice on how to reduce discomfort and possible pain. But if you see that after the operation has passed 10 days, and the swelling is still holding and pain appears, do not hesitate and go straight to the doctor. Such an organism reaction indicates that the healing process did not go smoothly, and an infection that begins the inflammatory process has entered the oral cavity.

Edema after implantation of teeth, how to remove

After the operation, regardless of its complexity andduration, the patient should receive a consultation from the dentist about what preparations can treat the gum. If there are any pain, then immediately prescribed anesthetic. Also, in order to remove or prevent inflammation, a course of antibiotics is prescribed. In some cases, the doctor may additionally prescribe vitamins or drugs that will increase immunity.

It is very important to monitor hygiene dailyoral cavity. This means that after each meal, rinse your mouth with a prescribed antiseptic solution. Alternatives may be special tablets for resorption. Try to eat only warm and crushed foods for the first week.

If you noticed after dental implantationa small swelling on the gum or swelling of the cheek, then how long it will last depends on you. There are several options for how to proceed in such situations:

  • The best way to remove swellingis considered exposure to cold. You just need to attach the ice pack to the swollen place and hold it for about 30 minutes. Do such a compress daily several times a day and swelling of the cheek after implantation of the tooth or swelling of the gums will be significantly reduced. This procedure should be done within 1.5 days, then take a break. Especially this procedure should be done with the installation of several implants or after a sinus-lifting.
  • also the dentist can advise you a week after implantation to sleep only on a high pillow. This will increase the outflow of blood from the damaged area, and you will not get up in the morning with a swollen face.
  • it is very important to follow at this time and for hygienemouth to prevent any inflammation. Also, all week after the operation, it is necessary to treat the wound with an antiseptic and apply special dental layers. The latter reduce the discomfort, which is caused by the tips of synthetic joints, improves tissue regeneration and relieves inflammation.

If you comply with all the aboverules, it is most likely that the swelling of the gums and cheeks will pass faster than a week after implantation of the teeth. Do not be afraid of such complications, with timely treatment, a small swelling is not harmful. To determine exactly how much your case is running or vice versa, the recovery period is going well, find the topic of edema on the Internet or medical literature after implanting the teeth and compare it with what you see in the mirror. If you do not like something, the swelling does not decrease and lasts for a long time, the gum at the site of operation became blue, the hematoma develops, the body temperature keeps above 37. This indicates an inflammatory process and you can not do without the help of a specialist.

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