Edema from herpes how to clean

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Herpes - this viral infection is manifested inskin during a cold with weakened immunity. Traces of herpes on the skin in the form of pink spots can not go through weeks and even months. How can we cope with this cosmetic defect?

There are several ways to remove traces after herpes on the face.

  • First, disguise the stain with the help of cosmetics: foundation, powder and the like.
  • Secondly, go to the beauty salon to conduct special procedures for smoothing the complexion.
  • Third, use drugs prescribed by an immunologist or dermatologist.
  • Fourth, take advantage of the people's means.

So, you have a trace on her skin from herpes. How to remove? - this is the question that interests everyone who has encountered this unpleasant problem. We will use the experience of our predecessors.

You cured the rash, the sore healed,the crust dried and fell off. You no longer suffer discomfort, but looking in the mirror, you see a trace of herpes on the lip in the form of a bright pink spot. Traditional medicine recommends bleaching masks.

  • Mask made of white clay. Buy a cosmetic white clay in the pharmacy. A teaspoon of clay, dilute a mixture of lemon juice with water to the consistency of thick sour cream. Keep the mask on the skin should be 15 minutes.
  • Mask made of honey and cinnamon. Grind the cinnamon into a powder, mix equal parts of cinnamon and honey and apply the mixture on the stain for 15-20 minutes.
  • It perfectly whitens the skin with cucumber juice. Apply it as often as possible, you can wipe the skin with a slice of fresh cucumber or leave it for 15-20 minutes on the problem site. You can also make home lotion from grated cucumber. Fill it with alcohol or vodka andsoak for 1-2 weeks. Then strain and rub your face.
  • Lemon juice. Juice diluted with water, a good whitening agent, but be careful, because it dries the skin. If you have left a trace of herpes, it is better to use lemon juice directly on this site of the face.
  • Decoction of parsley. If you freeze it, you get an excellent whitening and tonic - cosmetic ice, which has a beneficial effect on tone and complexion.
  • Mask of badyaga - is the most effectiveA drug that affects even severe scar after herpes. Powder of a sponge is sold in a pharmacy. It enhances blood circulation and accelerates regeneration processes. This mask causes redness, so do it at night.

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