Edema of the skin over the upper eyelid

If one day you find thatthe upper eyelid was swollen, a small swelling appeared, the sclera flushed and there was a sensation, as if a mote had fallen, then you should immediately consult a specialist, as this will help to save from more terrible consequences in the form of complete loss of vision.

The reasons for such manifestations are dozens, and meanwhilefolk medicine recommends applying a cooked egg or a packet of tea, which in some situations can be very harmful, especially if the pathogens of infection have penetrated into this area.

The upper eyelids swell in the case of diseasescardiovascular system, kidneys or liver, so if you have been watching something like this in the mirror for a long time, you should always make an appointment with the therapist.

In addition, when attacking pathogens is high risklose the ability to see when untimely treatment. If you are injured or have been bitten by an insect, an allergic reaction to a product or cosmetic product has occurred, this can also lead to swelling.

Barley is nothing more than ainflammation of the sebaceous gland near the line of growth of the eyelashes. With external manifestation, it can be provoked by the banal introduction of dirt, and with internal damage to the membranous gland also from the penetration of foreign particles. At the same time, you will clearly see a small abscess, resembling a grain, which occurs about the second or third day. This disease begins with an itch, a reddening sclera, sometimes a "mote" is felt. If the jumping is due to the fact that you are sitting in a draft, then you can add a lot of pain. Outside, the barley breaks through in a few days itself, and when there is internal there is a chance of getting pus inside with affecting other parts of the eye.

As a struggle, warming up is recommendedaffected area with a boiled egg and lotion, prepared from aloe or calendula. The juice is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:10 and is applied three times a day.

Sometimes swelling is from allergicreaction to cosmetics and then it will be necessary to take it with you when you visit an ophthalmologist. Sometimes it can happen because of an old or poor-quality carcass. The doctor will find out the causes and exclude eczema on the eyelids, as sometimes its symptoms resemble an allergy.

With blepharitis, the inflammation affects only the skin of the eyelids, while secreting glues the cilia.

If the puffiness does not pass within three days, then this is a signal about the presence of a serious ailment, which requires immediate treatment in the clinic.

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