What to remove the edema after a burn

How to get rid of sunburn

In pursuit of a fashionable beautiful tan, manygirls, not calculating their strength and capabilities, get sunburn. Skinny skin has never entered into fashion, and the sensations with burns are such that you already do not think about beauty.

A sunburn appears as a result ofexcessive exposure to UV rays on the skin, so you can burn not only on the beach, but also get a burn in the solarium. To protect your skin from troubles, it is necessary to skillfully use sunscreen during sunburn, it is good to know the type of your skin to determine the optimal time spent in the sun.

If you burned not very much, i.e. skin reddened, oblazit, no large blisters, then you can cope with burns yourself with the help of folk remedies or medications from the nearest pharmacy. In the case of large blisters, your skin is badly damaged and you should immediately consult a doctor.

First aid for sunburn

1. After a sunburn, first of all, hide from the sun in the room, as in the street under a canopy you are still exposed to UV radiation.

2. Assess the degree of sunburn, whether there are blisters. The presence of blisters suggests that the skin is severely damaged, and various complications may occur during treatment.

If the blisters are very large, consult a doctor immediately.

3. Reduce the pain will help a cold compress or shower.

4. Apply cold aloe juice or a soothing cream after sunburn on the diseased area of ​​the skin. Remember that lubricating a burn with butter or vegetable oil is by no means possible!

How to treat burns correctly

If the skin is very warm, you need peace. Before the full healing of the burn try not to appear in the sun.

If the burn is not strong, the skin only blushes and burns a little, use soothing creams after sunburn. They will cool the skin, restore, moisturize, relieve itching.

The most correct drugs from solarSprays and creams containing panthenol (for example, Panthenol-Spray preparation) are considered medicines. For burns accompanied by skin lesions with blisters and cracks, Solcoseryl cream is an excellent remedy.

To reduce the pain, relieve fever and inflammation it is recommended to take the usual painkillers-aspirin, ibuprofen.

The burnt skin is very dry, it can be softened with a lotion containing the calamine. To prevent dehydration, drink plenty of fluids.

With sunburn, it is recommended to take antihistamines (claritin, suprastin), since a burn is also an allergic skin reaction to UV rays.

Never pierce the blisters and do not rip off the peeling skin. You can carry an infection, cause bleeding, discoloration of the skin.

Vitamins for skin renewal. Burned skin needs vitamins when reconstituted. Apply a cream with vitamin E to the skin after it is cooled, it will also be useful to take vitamin E inside. So the burns will drag out more quickly and will not leave a trace behind. When treating large sunburns it is recommended to take vitamins C and D. additionally.

Sunburn: folk remedies

Potato masks against sunburn. Potato is one of the most effective folk remedies for sunburn. It can be used in raw, cooked form, or buy pure potato starch.

1. Lightly sprinkle the burned skin several times a day with potato starch. The skin will calm down and recover faster. Starch can be diluted in water and applied to a sore spot in the form of lotions.

2. Rub the raw potatoes on a grater, refrigerate in the refrigerator, apply on gauze and apply to the burn in the form of a compress for 15 minutes. This recipe helps both with sunburn, and with allergies to the sun.

3. Cook potatoes in a peel, then peel and blend in a blender with sour cream. Apply on burned skin for half an hour, then rinse with water at room temperature. Burns pass very quickly.

Sour cream against burns. In folk medicine it is very populara remedy for sunburn, as dairy products soften, cool the skin and soothe burning. Just lubricate burns with chilled sour cream or kefir several times a day. When sour cream begins to dry out on the skin and you feel tight, wash it with a damp cotton swab and apply fresh. Attention: if your skin is badly damaged, there are large blisters, this method of treatment can not be applied, the result may be the opposite.

Curd Compress will help cool the skin and reduce pain. Curd wrap in gauze and lightly freeze until firm. Apply to the burnt skin as a compress. You can add a little buttermilk to the curd, apply the mixture on the towel and attach to the burn for 30 minutes. As the compress is heated, change it to a new one. Cottage cheese can be replaced with sour cream, kefir or sour yoghurt.

Oat flakes with sour cream for burns. Combine the flakes with chilled sour cream or milk and apply to the skin for 15 minutes, rinse with water. Repeat several times during the day until the condition improves.

Egg white Extracts from the skin glow, soothes, softens, accelerates healing. Just cool the protein in the freezer and apply to the skin with a cotton swab, wash it off with water and apply a new layer as it dries.

Leaves of cabbage - a popular remedy for burns, quickly cooland soothe the skin, relieve swelling, reduce pain. Cabbage is best served with boiling water, so that the leaves become soft and docile, then lightly cool them and wrap the painful places, secure with a bandage.

With the help of herbal compresses, you can simultaneously cool, moisturize the skin, reduce pain and, thanks to the properties of medicinal herbs, accelerate healing.

Prepare the infusion of chamomile, elder, calendula, or lavender. Cool the broth in the refrigerator, then make lotions on the burned places.

Lotions made of black or green tea effectively cool and soak the skin, relieve pain and irritation. Brew a few tea bags, refrigerate in the freezer and apply to the burned places.

Aloe. Another magic remedy for sunburn, which perfectly moisturizes, cools and quickly restores burned skin, is chilled aloe juice. You can buy at the pharmacy gel from aloe.

Cucumber juice - popular folk remedy with solarburns, cools, soothes the skin, relieves itching and irritation, promotes rapid healing. Cool the cucumber, cut into small circles or grate on a fine grater and apply as compresses several times a day.

Mask from parsley from burns. Parsley can be used fresh, and cook from it a decoction. Parsley cool, chop the leaves into a small slurry, attach to the problem skin as a lotion for 15 minutes. Vitamins A and C, contained in parsley in large quantities, will help to speed up the process of skin regeneration, to remove swelling.

Essential oil from sunburn

With light minor burns, you can moisten the skin with cool water with the addition of a few drops of chamomile essential oil.

If the burn is strong, with blisters and open wounds, dilute a few drops of lavender oil in water and gently moisten the damaged skin.

To soften the dry skin in the treatment of burns it is useful to rub it with wheat germ oil.

1. Serious sunburn of the skin can cause swelling. Sunburn of the face and neck can cause difficulty breathing. In this case, immediate medical attention is required.

2. When the large areas of the skin are affected on the hands and feet, blood circulation may be impaired. If you notice that the hand or foot is numb, blue, immediately consult a doctor.

3. To speed up the healing of burns, do not wear clothes made from coarse synthetic fabrics. Clothes should be free, made of silk or cotton.

4. Do not forget that when you are in the open sun for a long time, you can get a heat stroke.