How to remove the swelling of the upper eyelid

[1027] Puffiness of upper eyelids

I have long, about a year ago swelledupper eyelids, puffiness does not pass, at first it was not noticeable, such a fold on the eyelid, then stronger, it seems that the eyelids will soon float on their eyes. I have myopia, but I do not wear glasses or lenses, because she did not disturb me very much, now my eyesight has worsened. One eye used to be -2.5, the second -3. Now I do not know. I work very much at the computer. I want to go to the doctor. Itself does not pass. Can this be from the computer, from the strain of the eyes?

[1] The eyelid edema can develop along a variety ofcauses of both general and local nature. Diseases of the kidneys, heart, liver, connective tissue are accompanied by swelling of the upper eyelids. Diseases of the orbit and the eyelid itself can also be accompanied by edema. Edema of the eyelids can not be related to eye strain, prolonged work on the computer.

Edema of the upper eyelids can be confused with the formation ofsagging skin folds in the outer half of the upper eyelid; blepharohalasis. Blepharhalasia is associated with age-related weakening of the connective tissue of the upper eyelid and usually occurs in people of age. Blefarohalasis causes a problem of purely cosmetic character, the eye never closes and, if desired, can be eliminated by cosmetic surgery. By the way, the Italian media outfit and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi had an operation to remove blepharohalasis last year.

As for the impairment seen by you,then it can be caused by a mass of reasons. Only the doctor can determine the only true one at full-time examination. If you are more than 40 years old, then you can start experiencing visual disco-music due to presbyopia - the age-related loss of accommodation.

[2] My son was 18 years old, the upper eyelid was swollen, he blushed at night, and I made cool tea and made lotions. the morning swelled up his eyes. Need advice

[4] Hello, I'm 24 years old alreadyI am swollen with the upper and lower eyelids of the right eye, I had traumas of the right eyebrow and right eye, also I have stones in my right kidney, whether it can be due to the swelling of the eyelids of one eye, the ophthalmologist said that usually with kidney or heart problems both eyes swell, and not one,

[5] Indeed, with renal pathology, both eyes swell. The cause of unilateral swelling in your case may be in blepharitis. allergic reaction, hernia of eyelids, etc. Full-time consultation is necessary.

[6] Hi there! To me of 28 years and already very much for a long time at me a puffiness of the top eyelids, still from 9th class and does not pass in any way. At me a nodal struma of 1st degree, thought because of it or him, but now I cost or stand at the skilled or experienced endocrinologist on the account and she speaks, that from it or this can not be. According to the thyroid gland analyzes, hormones are OK, only calcium is less than normal, but everything is normalized now. I accept preparations. Has handed over the general or common analysis of urine, on vasopressin and has made US of kidneys, all in norm or rate. How do I find out the reason, please tell me?

[7] In fact, thyroid problems,especially hypothyroid conditions, can be the cause of edema of the eyelids. In addition, you can check the condition of the cardiovascular system and visit a cosmetic surgeon to exclude hernia age.

[10] I am 49 years old. There were no signs of edema or aging, but after injections of Botox on the forehead on the 4th day there was an edema of the right upper eyelid. Has passed 3 weeks. but there is no change. Adoption of diuretics, anti-allergens, massage, no results. Please, I would like to receive advice: what to do in this case?

[11] Puffiness after Botox injection is associatedis associated with impaired lymph flow. Ways to get rid of this puffiness, except for hardware lymphatic drainage procedures, no. And they, unfortunately, are contraindicated after injections of botulinum toxin. You just need to wait.

[12] Puffiness of upper eyelids, itching anddryness - they say that this is an allergy. Practically I drink only water, I do not use raw food - I can not understand what an allergy may be, or it's still a disease. Has handed over the analysis on a parasite - there all is pure or clean. Help. Than to cure

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