How to determine the swelling of the stool

Cervicitis is a disease of female genitalia.organs, which occurs as a result of inflammatory processes of the cervix. Cervicitis can have acute or chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane of the cervix. In consequence of this disease, erosion of the cervix can develop. Typically, this disease occurs mainly in sexually active women, who often change their sexual partners. Cervicitis of the cervix is ​​caused by harmful microorganisms, among which can be identified: specific and nonspecific cervicitis. The first arise as a result of certain pathogens of infections, and the second is due to normal microorganisms or hormonal failures.

Cervicitis is a very serious infection of femalegenital organs, since this disease has no obvious manifestations. The infection gradually spreads to all internal genital organs: ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterine cavity. The inconspicuous course of the disease can cause serious problems, since it will be difficult to cure all genital organs until the end, and, consequently, infertility may occur. The main causes of cervicitis may be cervical injury, rupturesperineum or cervix in childbirth, abortion, genitalia and some diseases of the genitals. In addition, weak immunity or improper contraceptives may be prerequisites for the development of this disease. Cervicitis can occur due to hormonal failure, when the level of estrogen decreases.
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Keratosis of the skin is a group of diseases thatcharacterized by excessive keratinization in individual areas, and also in rare cases the entire surface of the skin. Classification of skin keratosis in a generally recognized form does not exist. This is due to the unclear pathogenesis and etiology of many of them, and the presence of a wide variety of clinical forms of the disease.

The causes of keratosis can be acquired and hereditary.

Hereditary keratoses are manifested in early childhood and can gradually progress.

The cause of keratosis acquired, whichmanifested mainly at an older age against the background of a weakening of the immune system, is the effect of unfavorable environmental factors on the exposed parts of the sun's body, for example, prolonged sunburn, as well as working with oil, tar, coal tar, sand.

Do you want to know more about Quincke's swelling? What are its causes, is it dangerous, how to treat it and warn how to remove the swelling of Quincke? Let's try to figure out what it is:

Most often this disease occurs in the form of timefrom time appearing limited edema of the skin with subcutaneous tissue or edema of the mucous membranes. For the disease, the edema of Quinckhaaraktern is localized in the region of the eyelids, forehead, superciliary arches, mouth, lips. It may appear on the back of the feet or hands, in the area of ​​the scrotum. Skin over it without reddening, pale, itching is absent. Edema lasts for several hours or days and then disappears.

When swelling of the quincke symptoms I can be more formidable if the place of its appearance is mucous membranes.
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Rosacea is a disease that leads to the appearance ofpink acne on the cheeks and nose, resulting from the defeat of the vessels of the trigeminal nerves. Rosacea is also called "red nose disease", because people with this disease because of improper circulation, nose and cheeks are reddish.

Rosacea - symptoms of the disease

The first manifestations of rosacea can bebecome small reddish with a pinkish tinge, more like an acne. Many people initially do not attach much importance to this, referring to the effects of the sun or allergic reactions. Rosacea symptoms can also be small reddening of the skin with the widening of the blood vessels and "vascular sprouts", formed on the site of the bursted sugars. Rosacea Symptoms it is difficult to identify and correctly recognize, since they can be the result of other, more or less serious diseases.

At later stages of this chronic rosacea disease, symptoms become more pronounced and pronounced.

Recently, it is rapidly increasingnumber of people who are notorious for chronic neurodermatitis. Treatment folk is exactly what this disease calls, although it has a different medical term: atopic dermatitis, abbreviated AD. The disease is allergic, inflammatory, quite complex and prolonged, accompanied by relapses, mainly in winter, and in summer, as a rule, there comes a period of remission. Neurodermatitis attacks the areas around the mouth and eyes, ankles and wrists, the neck, the back surfaces of the hands, the upper part of the chest, as well as the folds - the elbows and popliteals. Foci of inflammation can appear on the head and face.

The disease is very rare for the first time in adulthood. As a rule, it is manifested Neurodermatitis in children at an early age (6 months and older), and then accompanies a person through life.

Rashes on the skin that accompanypainful itching - this is perhaps the main symptom in neurodermatitis. Treatment involves first of all the removal of unpleasant consequences of an allergic reaction. And in this case one of the two recipes can help.

Gynecological Diseaseadnexitis or salpingo-oophoritis are inflammatory processes of the uterine appendages (ovaries and / or tubes). Adnexitis is infectious in nature. Can be expressed in acute and chronic form. The significant prevalence of adnexitis is caused mostly by the neglect of prevention and elementary precaution, the general weakening of the body of modern women of a psychological or physiological orientation. And also failure to adhere to the medication prescribed for adnexitis, self-diagnosis, ignoring the symptoms. The disease can be prevented, it is enough to adnexitis treatment with timely treatment. But started / not treated and as a consequence, chronic adnexitis both appendages can cause manygynecological dysfunction: malfunctions of the menstrual cycle, infertility, ectopic pregnancy, tube obstruction, proliferation of tubes / ovaries, pressure on other organs and changes in their normal position, etc. Treatment can be a therapeutic drug (antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and desensitizing agents in the complex) or surgical.