How to remove postoperative edema

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TATIANA LYUBIMOVASvetlana in 30 years, the Achilles was ripped off.4 months in the hospital. on the rehabilitation applied to the area of ​​injury Ozokerite (you can at home if you buy it. It is rich in trace elements, it is often used in sports medicine. but it is not a panacea). Developing a hand with the feasible gymnastics will improve microcirculation in it. still you can buy a massager with a so-called percutaneous neuroelectrostimulation. then it will be useful for removing edema from the feet at the end of the day, for the back. very good thing. and recognized by sports medicine. I am called sanitas-100 $, germany. Peter makes, it seems experience, everything will be restored. The text is hidden deployed

Nikolai Andreevich I could help you with this problem if you live in Voronezh. The text is hidden deployed

SvetlanaNikolai Andreevich thanks, but we live in the Krasnodar Territory Text hidden deploy

Rimma KirillovaSvetlana Hello, Svetlana! I'll give you a phone for a chiropractor. he lives in Gelendzhik his name is Belaus Oleg Anatolievich 89184374484 The text is hidden expand

Marina Bokova (Rusanova) Svetlana, at the site of the injury, except that the microcirculation is broken, inflammation takes place.
Very good when developing massage in water, with sea salt. Salt - pharmacy!
If possible, buy a set of enzymes and a plant antibiotic. It can be an ant tree bark or cat's claw. Local treatment with drugs of silver.
Health to you! The text is hidden deployed

NINA MAKSIMENKO Removes edema, improves microcirculation incapillaries cream with bee venom. he also resolves hematomas, adhesions, removes inflammatory processes. in what city do you live? I can send the address of a specialized store where you can buy this cream. cost 501r. for 45 ml. The text is hidden deployed

Olga Nuzhina Svetlana's hand must necessarily be developed inphysiocabinet if there is no opportunity to visit then you can find out what exercises you need to do in your case and make them at home but I'm not sure that you can do them yourself this very painful procedure I underwent rehabilitation I know and about the swelling it is checked on myself there is such a hypertonic solution salt it used surgeons during the war 2 teaspoons of table salt for 200 g of water soak gauze dressings in a solution of a little wring out and fix it with a bandage on the area of ​​the edema I wore until the bandage dried up then dreams mochila and again on my arm just what it saved only dorogushchie not buy all the ointment did not fit well with the hand and do not tighten the mobility can lose Uddachi. The text is hidden deployed

SvetlanaOlga Nuzhina Thanks, we'll try, but the seams have just been removed-will not their salt ripen? The text is hidden deployed

Olga NuzhinaSvetlana there is no ripening, most importantly in this solutionstrict ratio does not need to add or subtract anything, and most importantly, all the same, find out what kind of exercises you need in your case to develop a hand, you can find out everything in the same physiocabinet, I was generally told that at best they will return mobility by 30%, I went to physiocabinet 4 months and 70% of the mobility is back in your hands. here link read about the salt can be something and for yourself you will find but I personally tried it on myself helped me and the main thing is not costly by the way devchenki from the physiocabin who developed my hand and prompted me. The text is hidden deployed

Nikolay Suslin You need to do a deep warming of the brush,and start practicing the fingers. This is the squeezing and unclenching of the fingers, up to the first pain, but the most important thing is not to overdo it. The text is hidden deployed

Tatiana Orel (Smotrina) Urgently on Лфк and paraffin, atoms in a month сосемокостенеет and will develop difficultly Text deployed deploy

Nina Tuganova Edema cleanses the MSM gel well, it is based on AloeFaith, penetrates well to the muscles and resolves bruises, relieves inflammation, removes excess fluid through the pores. Where do you live? I'll try to tell the nearby center where it's sold. The text is hidden deployed

arina feather for the development of the ball tennis, for removing the edema gel "Tiger Eye" - used Pts easily, just rub it in your hand and that's it. The text is hidden deployed